Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MARK LEVIN- Obama's 10 Steps To Destroying American Society. We Backup Mark Levin's List With Some Evidence...

1.Rewrite the Constitution and break down its firewalls through Judicial and Bureaucratic fiat.

2.Concentrate all meaningful power in the Federal Government.

3.Suppress and Repress the Individual by attacking his Unalienable Rights through laws and constant torment.

4.Eliminate Private Property through Confiscatory Taxation and Regulation and wage constant war against Business Enterprises and Entrepreneurs.

5.Control Institutions of Education at all levels and turn them into Indoctrination Centers for the State.

6.Change the Citizenry by opening National Borders to virtually all comers and changing the qualifications for Citizenship to include mostly poor, uneducated illegal aliens.

7.Destroy the Private Financial Institutions that have funded the Greatest Production and Accumulation of Wealth for the Most People the World has ever known.

8.Destroy Capitalism and replace it with Redistributive Policies by Destroying the currency and Replacing it with a new currency or Revaluing the old currency.

9.Eliminate American Sovereignty through arrangements and agreements with Foreign Countries and International Bureaucracies.

10.Use American Foreign Policy not to improve American Economic and National Security, but to advance the Notion of One Government Globalism.
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NOTE- Mark Levin is dead on and we're going to prove it.

Left-wing websites like Moveon.org, Media Matters, The Daily Kos and The Huffington Post are known to attack, lie and smear any opposition without any facts or evidence to back it up. We on the other hand, will provide facts and tons of VIDEO to prove our point.

See below for the overwhelming evidence supporting Mark Levin's 'Obama's Top 10 Steps To Destroying American Society' list.

Why are all these white people applauding?!?! It's because they're 'IDIOTS.' Hence- IdiotsForObama.Com

Why did Obama seal all of his college records and seek out Marxist professors in college? Why did he really study constitutional law? (See Below)

Remarkable document Obama says? It was the best document ever created! It's NOT flawed and it's part of what makes the United States of America the greatest country on earth. Obama doesn't realize that he's the one who is flawed.. Maybe he wants to be a dictator and be in power the next 10 years.. (See video below)

Okay, maybe we will let him slide on this one since he also seems to think we have 57 states in America. Oh..there's more (video below)....Let's talk Marxism....let's talk 'redistribution of wealth.'

Remember what he told Joe the Plumber? In case you forgot, see below...

The mind of a Marxist!

The reason we are showing this is because of Levin's #3- Suppress and Repress the Individual by attacking his Unalienable Rights through laws and constant torment.

We see a lot of this in the Obama administration. He attacks Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly to name a few. These are people who have the highest rated shows and talk radio programs. Barack Obama even attacked the tea party movement which is made up of peaceful, hard working, patriotic and informed Americans who only want to put a stop a tyranical out of control government, wasteful spending and corruption. Wow, really bad people huh?

See Obama below attack FOX News and the Tea Parties. He recently attacked Scott Brown for driving a pickup truck and shaking hands with local residents. How childish and unpresidential...

Obama attacks anyone who is a threat to his radical agenda. He can't get away with his Chicago-style corruption and compulsive lies with FOX news, but with lap dogs NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC and ABC, Obama send thrills up their legs and has it made. These attacks might fool the rainbow of diverse liberal idiots planted behind Obama's podium, but he's not fooling most of the American people (anymore) and his sinking approval ratings are proof of that. Obama actually started attacking the polls when his approval rating was down in the low 40's. He's the most immature president in history.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other reckless democrats in congress are the main reason the Tea Party movement is so popular and is now polling higher than the progressive party (the former democrat party)

People are sick of corrupt politicians and big government. Most of it coming from the democratic party, which has been hijacked by progressive radicals.

How can you tell when the democrats are worried about their power in government? The president is sent out to attack the opposition. He does know that presidents aren't suppose to do that, right? Isn't he the president of ALL the people?

Go to YouTube and search 'Obama Attacks' and watch the huge drop box come down (FOX News, Scott Brown, Tea Party, Banks etc..) This was a tactic by one of Obama's mentors, Saul Alinsky..

Obama said he didn't want to run the banks and the auto industry...BUT...

Community organizers and Marxist minded individuals LIE to hide their true agenda. Obama is evidence of that.


Obama's 'manufactured crisis' are so obvious to the average American with a functioning brain, which explains why progressive liberals DON'T GET IT. The health care 'crisis' and the global warming 'crisis' are scams. They are examples of 'orchestrated' crisis' to scare Americans into accepting 2000 page bills of garbage and corruption that no one has even read. Yes, we need health care reform, but not 'Obama-Pelosi' care. That's not reform, that's a disaster. They want to attack the party of 'NO.' The party of 'NO' is the best thing going right now because these incompetent morons in congress can't run anything without bankrupting it and taxing the middle class to pay for their mistakes. The LESS they do, the better. They have lost credibility with the American people. It's THEIR fault, not the Tea Party, Scott Brown, Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean, CEO's or FOX news fault.

Has Obama conned you? An exxaggerated 'economic crisis' allows the Obama administration to get away with this. Like Rahm Emanuel says, 'you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.' See below please...

We can go on and on ALL DAY about the way Obama operates, what he has done and his real agenda, but if you don't get it by now, you are either in denial, mentally deranged, or a naive idiot. If you're putting two and two together and still getting five, you just might not understand the Obama agenda. You decide...Spend some time surfing this site if you need more time....

FOR THE SLOW ONES- We will leave you with one more of the most disturbing videos we have ever seen. We don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that he even suggested this, or the fact that there are 'so-called' Americans sitting in the background applauding this stupid outrageous idea.

Well funded civilian security force? Rep. Paul Broun summed that statement up best by saying, "That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it's exactly what the Soviet Union did," Broun said. "When he's proposing to have a national security force that's answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he's showing me signs of being Marxist."

Still in denial anyone? Liberals? Did breaking this down so that even a six year old could understand it help any?


  1. Someone should tell Levin that since he's bald he should wear the freezer foil and not the tin foil for his hat. It's thicker. That will keep the Mind Rays out.

  2. The best post I have ever seen. If this doesn't convince anyone that Levin is right, they need a shrink. Thanks for providing real evidence. Liberals will make the worst excuses in the world for all of this video evidence, but it will not work. He is what he is. He's a Marxist and a liar. It will be too late by the time these drones wake up.

  3. CCeddie76, You're wrong about the liberals. When they have nothing to say, they will resort to name calling and ridicule. You are right that this is indeed an excellent post! I'm sure glad I happened across this site.

  4. Well mr anonymous. it's good to see that you don't disagree with any of what Levin said. Just insult the messenger, right? It's why liberals are stupid jackasees and a dying breed. Thank God.

  5. Idiots For Obama-----this synthesis piece is a grand-slam-home-run---a first selection hall of fame entry-------you did yourself proud---

    Barrrrrack Obama is a --Marxist-Alinskyite-Cloward-Pivenesque---mother fu@@in Chicago street thug elitist----who's communist con has been exposed--

    You want REAL hope and change---Take Obama and everyone of his appointments and drop them in Al Quaeda controlled regions of Afghanistan----(the change will give all American's real hope.)

  6. Wild Bill from DA BRONXThu Feb 04, 06:22:00 PM PST

    My 10 reasons why I hate liberals..

    1-Liberals never met a tax hike they didn't like..

    2-Liberals believe in affirmative action. If you score 90 on a civil service test and a minority scores 60..you lose. This is on reason why the quality of life deteriates.

    3-Liberals love to coddle the criminals. To hell with the victims. Cop killers, rapists, child molestors all get slaps on the wrist when it comes to liberal justice. Put me in charge, all will be in front of a firing squad.

    4-Most liberals are anti American. I remember the Vietnam War...Hanoi Jane, John Kerry spewing anti American trash, right up to the start of the Iraqi war routing for Bush to lose.

    5-God forbid you are successful in life. Liberal/Socialist/Communist Obama, wants to take your hard earned money and share it with the low lifes.

    6-Let this health care bill pass along with cap & trade, and all quality of life as we know will cease and desist.

    7-Look at the people in the democaratic/liberal/socialists/communist party....Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reed, Murtha, Franken, Levin, Dodd, Frank, Rangel, Schumer, Sharpton, Jackson, Combs etc..etc..not to mention the low lifes in Hollywood... Sarandon,Robbins, Sheen, Stiesand, Cher, Bayhar, Penn, Baldwin, Glover, and Garafalo.

    8-I told my wife when we got married, 18 yrs ago, that not only would the liberals destroy our city, our state and our country, but I am afraid will be on a path to destroy our country.

    9-It must be our mission, our goal..to make sure the swine are defeated in every facet and endeavor.

    10-I whole hardidly agree with anyone who is for Sarah Palin. She could be the second coming of the great Ronald Reagan. How about Palin and Michele Bachman as the next president and vice president of the USA.

    May the Democaratic/Liberal/Socialist/Communist party go down to the depths of hell where they belong.

  7. Hey Bill from the Bronx, you don't sound so Wild to me---

    Why don't you expel your true feelings about liberals, get it out of your system, it will make you feel better.

    Bill, I sense your torment. You found the right site to unload.

    In the White House---we are seeing the results of when affirmative action meet's Murphy's law.

    I like your lady combination for 2012. I could give you 100 reasons why Sarah Palin would be the perfect tonic for what's ailing this country under the Destroyer in the White House. Sarah would replace that mark of shame in the White House with an identifying characteristic of integrity.

  8. Mark Levin, Is right on,

  9. Some advise for Barak Obama

    I am truly sorry that your father was a polygamist dead beat dad who never feed any of his many children. I am sorry that you are emotionally injured in quite the same way that Adolph Hitler was injured by his father. But, Barry, I know many men who have been abandoned by, beaten by or neglected by their fathers who have gone on to be good fathers and citizens. The key is to acknowledge the sorce of your anger, and you have plenty of it.
    Rev. Wright saw the anger in you and exploited it just like he exploited so many disenfranchised, angry and pathetic people. How about you admit that is was your father who left you, not once but twice. How about you get some therapy, or perhaps find a creative outlet to help you recycle your pain into something of beauty. How about instead of writing books that venerate "men" like your father and Rev. Wright, you write a book about your typical white grandmother who raised you. Maybe you can make up for not attending her funeral when you were completely availble to do so. Barak , you need help. Don't let your pent up anger at your father result in the destruction of the only country in ther world where a minority son of a dead beat polygamist father and an under aged mother could go on to attain the highest office in the land. It is your soul that needs to be fundamentally changed, not America. You are a fool if you cannot see that.

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