Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is Justice Department Sending Election Observers to Arizona to Protect Illegal Voters?

Of course they are. Dirtbag and dirtbagger...

The Justice Department is sending a small pack of election observers to Arizona as Hispanic groups sound the alarm over an anti-illegal immigration group's mass e-mail seeking to recruit Election Day volunteers to help block illegal immigrants from voting.

Hispanic voting rights groups say the e-mail is just an attempt to intimidate minority voters. But election fraud monitors say that there are hundreds of examples of duplicate registrations, wrong information and past unregistered voters getting ballots.

Voter fraud allegations have emerged just days before the midterm in many crucial battleground states across the country, including Nevada, Pennsylvania and Florida.

The Justice Department announced Friday it would deploy more than 400 federal observers to 30 jurisdictions in 18 states ahead of Tuesday's election. But Arizona officials say the department had already committed to sending observers to their state.

Justice Department officials had notified Maricopa County that they would send a "handful" of election observers, even before the e-mail was sent, Matthew Benson, a spokesman for Arizona's secretary of state, told READ MORE...

DEMS BRAWL! 'Savages' Brawl at McDonalds Near ATT Park During World Series in San Francisco.

According to the video maker, YouTubeer gtothebomb, this is what happened:
This was taken at the McDonald's right next to AT&T park. Some chick was arguing about their order, the chick with the yellow thong tells her, she shouldn't talk like that in front of her daughter. Chick says she's not my daughter and throws soda at the yellow thong chick. then all hell breaks loose.

The San Francisco 'Village People' Police finally showed up to break things up.

This type of behavior is disgusting and is a product of 'liberalism.' There were more savages with cell phones in the air recording this fight then there were people trying to break it up.

These were NOT right-wing tea party conservatives, WE ASSURE YOU!

These animals were democrats as were the Lakers rioters. These people are a menace to society.

We're not even safe ordering a freaking happy meal at McDonalds anymore...

NO LIMP WRIST: Cheers for 41 & 43: Crowd Roars as George W. Tosses First Pitch. VIDEO Flashback: Obama Booed at Nationals Opening Day..

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Game 4 of the World Series had a presidential doubleheader.

The father-and-son team of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch Sunday night in what Major League Baseball said was the first time two former presidents attended a World Series game.

George W. Bush, the 43rd president, threw the pitch with his dad, the 41st president, at his side. The elder Bush held a cane in his left hand and walked haltingly.

The younger Bush is a familiar face at Rangers Ballpark, where he became controlling owner in April 1989 and relinquished the baseball position when he took over as Texas governor in 1995. His group owned the team until selling to Tom Hicks in 1998.

LEFT WING 'BITCH' PITCH: 'Limp Wristed' Obama booed at Washington Nationals Opening Day Game

Conservatives= Real Men. Liberals= Sissies. (Feminists fall under both)

DEM ATTACKS PELOSI AS AUTHORITARIAN: Veteran Democratic Rep. Brian Baird says that job creation should have been priority 'number one, two and three'

It took Democrats in the House of Representatives 40 years to become out-of-touch enough to get thrown out of office in 1994. It took 12 years for the Republicans who replaced them to abandon their principles and be repudiated in 2006. Now it appears that the current Democratic majority has lost voter confidence in only four years.

How did this happen? And what does the increasing speed of voter backlash mean for Republicans who will likely take control next Tuesday?

For answers, I decided to chat up Rep. Brian Baird, a six-term Democrat from Washington state. Even though he's never won re-election with less than 56% of the vote, Mr. Baird is retiring because the brutal congressional commute makes it impossible for him to see his twin five-year-old boys grow up. He's not sticking around, like so many former members of Congress, to lobby inside the Beltway. That allows him to be candid about Congress and his party.

"It's been an authoritarian, closed leadership. That style plus a general groupthink mentality didn't work when Tom DeLay called the shots," Mr. Baird says. "We've made some of the same damn mistakes, and we were supposed to be better. That's the heartbreak."

Mr. Baird, 54, is a loyal Democrat who voted for all of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's legislative priorities, including the stimulus bill, cap and trade and ObamaCare. But he admits all three have serious flaws.

Mr. Baird recalls that he was "very excited" when his party took control of Congress in 2006, but he saw ominous signs early on. Before the 2006 election, he says, Mrs. Pelosi had 30 members working on a rules package to make the House more ethical and deliberative. "We abandoned all that work after the election, and leaders told us we should trust them to clean things up. I don't know a single member of the Democratic caucus who saw the final rules package before they voted on it." READ MORE...

Feisty Palin Calls Alaskan Reporters ‘Corrupt Bastards.' Does Accidental Voice Mail Capture Alaska Reporters Plotting Miller ‘Child Molesters’ Smear?

Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller’s campaign claims it has audio proof of local reporters scheming about ways to connect the Republican nominee to “child molesters.”

The Miller campaign blasted out an e-mail overnight containing a transcript and audio recording of what it claimed were reporters at CBS affiliate KTVA discussing story ideas. The conversation, according to the Miller campaign, was recorded on spokesman Randy DeSoto’s voicemail apparently by accident after an assignment editor with the station called him and mistakenly left his phone on instead of hanging up.

Here’s a partial transcrip via LeftCoastRebel:

FEMALE REPORTER: That’s up to you because you’re the expert, but that’s what I would
do…I’d wait until you see who showed up because that indicates we already know
FEMALE REPORTER: Child molesters…
MALE REPORTER: Oh yeah… can you repeat Joe Miller’s…uh… list of people, campaign
workers, which one’s the molester?
FEMALE VOICE: We know that out of all the people that will show up tonight, at least one of
them will be a registered sex offender.
MALE REPORTER: You have to find that one person…
FEMALE REPORTER: And the one thing we can do is ….we won’t know….we won’t know but
if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever we can put out a twitter/facebook alert: saying what
the… ‘Hey Joe Miller punched at rally.’
FEMALE REPORTER: Kinda like Rand Paul…I like that.
FEMALE REPORTER: That’s a good one

Saturday, October 30, 2010

SELLOUTS: Black Panthers Going Back to Polls to Support White Liberals Who Have Oppressed Blacks and Exterminated Black Babies for Decades.

'Okay, okay, what white neighborhood did these 'black' panthers grow up in?'

If playing 'big bad' black panther is their way to make up for their lack of 'blackness,' they're definitely on the wrong side of the fence.

They should learn black history from slavery to the civil rights movement. They should also educate themselves on the true oppressors of blacks; the democrats.

White liberals have oppressed blacks for decades and have destroyed the black family and created mass poverty, poor education, high crime, teen pregnancy, drug use, government dependency and unemployment in every city controlled by democrats. (Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C, Chicago, New York, L.A, Newark, Camden, do we need to continue?)

Coincidence? Ummm, no.

Black Panthers Going Back to Polls

The controversial conservative group King Street Patriots is fighting back. The group has been accused of voter intimidation in Harris County by the Texas Democratic Party and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

Members of the Patriots say they're actually the victims. Jonathan Saenz, who is the attorney for the organization, says its members have been intimidated.

Thursday afternoon, the group brought forward several poll watchers who say they found themselves intimidated by voters, county poll watchers and members of the Democratic Party.

Things have gotten so bad they've written a letter to the U/S. Justice Department asking for an investigation, Saenz says.

But the organization has also been accused of scare tactics. The head of the Patriots Catherine Engelbrecht was seen on an amateur video warning poll watchers about Black Panther Members in Houston.

The leader of the New Black Panther Party in Harris County is Quanell X. He says the purpose of his group will not to intimidate people at the polls. He says they will monitor just like the Patriots.

Nazi, Nazi, Nazi: Chris Matthews’ Amazing Hypocrisy – Called Tea Party Nazis & Stormtroopers All Week

Chris Matthews is a jackass and a liar. Chris is an angry little troll who seems to have a problem with Americans (tea partiers) who just want smaller, smarter government, lower taxes and less corruption. Other than progressive idiots, who in the hell doesn't want that?!?

'Softball' with Chris Matthews has super low ratings for a reason. People don't want to watch a biased, hypocritical, dishonest little dweeb attack right wingers all day.

Swith to FOX...everyone else is...

‘I Should Be Alarmed’: Guess Who Fears Islam Is Taking Over the Western World?

Even idiots like Bill Maher will say something that makes sense once in a while; with the exception of Joy Behar and Janeane Garofalo.

CNN Shock Interview: Radical Muslim Cleric Describes Violent Islamic Vision (Pay Attention Wimps)

During an appearance on CNN’s Parker/Spitzer, Radical Muslim cleric Imam Anjem Choudary revealed a few unsettling details of Islamic extremists’ worldview, including the role of “moderate” Muslims in spreading Sharia law around the globe. Choudary says that spreading Sharia law is a “noble” goal as it represents a “superior way of life” compared to the “shackles of man-made law.”

According to Choudary, violent terrorist attacks are a “peaceful” warning to countries like the United States and Israel, whom he claims are occupying Muslim lands. He also admits to encouraging Muslims in the United States to carry out these kinds of attacks:

Spitzer: Are you communicating with individuals in the United States and encouraging them to participate in attacks of this sort?

Choudary: Of course I am. I am participating in communication with people all around the world. As you know, the internet makes the world a very small place. … My invitation is a peaceful one to people to embrace Islam, and to warn them of the consequences of occupying Muslim land. I think that’s a very decent thing…

Friday, October 29, 2010

Communist Party USA Leader Throws Support Behind Dems

From New Zealand Patriot:

Jarvis Tyner, national executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA, spoke in Detroit October 7, on the need to for “left and progressive” minded people to help insure a huge voter turnout for the midterm election.

Tyner is uncompromising in his support for the Democrats and Communist Party “friend” Barack Obama.

MENTAL PATIENT: Olbermann Unleashes 20 Minute Tirade Against Tea Partiers: ‘Unqualified, Unstable Individuals’

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

How did Olbermann manage to fit so many lies in this segment? The tea party doesn't like Karl Rove, social security is a ponzi scheme and what the hell does the tea party have to do with Jim Crowe laws? Thousands of black tea partiers could educate the white liberal Olbermann on that subject.

Conservatives and liberals alike will find their blood boiling when they watch the following video, in which Keith Olbermann delivers what he calls a “Special Comment” on the Tea Party’s midterm election candidates. In this nearly 20 minute-long segment, the Countdown host recites a long list of the movement’s affronts to progressivism before ending with a plea for all liberals, Democrats, disillusioned Republicans, moderates, and political neutrals to vote against the Tea Party next Tuesday. READ MORE...

‘Disgraceful!’ Beck Hater Disrupts National Anthem to Protest

A recent Tea Party event was interrupted when a man carrying a sign saying “Make Beck Cry, Vote Sane!” marched in front of rally goers during the singing of the National Anthem. He then positioned himself and his anti-Beck message between the American flag and the crowd:

On October 27, the Tea Party Express rally in St. Louis begins with the National Anthem. A man protesting against the Tea Party makes his way between the audience and the American flag while waving his signs which mock Glenn Beck. He stations himself on a ledge in the fountain right in full view of Patriots saluting our nation’s flag. Some people have no class.


‘Lizard Brains’ Redux: Huffington Repeats Analogy But Gets Exposed by TV Host

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Last month Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington blamed support for Christine O’Donnell on people using their “lizard brains.” The insinuation being that only small-minded people would buy into O’Donnell and her ideas.

Now she’s at it again.

Appearing on Friday’s “Morning Joe,” Huffington used the analogy with host Joe Scarborough to describe why people would vote for Republicans next week:

People are operating out of fear and anxiety at the moment. And when they operate out of fear and anxiety, they operate out of what they call their ‘lizard brains.’ Lizard brains are not susceptible to rationality. That’s why the argument of, ‘you just voted them out and you want to vote them in’ isn’t going to cut it.

Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer explains what happened next when Scarborough called out Huffington:

“Lizard brains? Is that what Americans did in ‘08 when they elected a state senator President of the United States?” asked Scarborough. “Was that fear?”

“No, that was hope,” said Huffington, to some chuckles from the panel.

A couple minutes later, Scarborough summed it up: “When democrats win people are using the hope side of their brain, when Republicans win, people are using the lizard side of their brain.”

Did Scarborough just use his lizard brain to expose Huffington’s argument? I think so:

SERIOUSLY?!? 40 aircraft part of Obama's trip to India; 6 armored cars including four Barack Mobiles, a Cadillac and his teleprompter..

Thanks idiots...

US President Barack Obama's trip to India next month is set to be the biggest ever by any US president in terms of the protocol and logistics.

Headlines Today accessed the details of elaborate arrangements that will be in place to guard Obama. He will be accompanied by US first lady Micehlle Obama and their daughters Malia and Sasha.

Earlier, Obama's daughters Sasha and Malia were not to be part of the trip. But sources revealed that Michelle's opinion prevailed and now the girls would accompany the first American couple to India.

The US president will make a historic trip to the Taj Mahal along with his family. His visit is historic in terms of logistics which is the largest ever for a visiting US president.

Elaborate security arrangements
The presidential entourage will have 40 aircraft, including the Air Force One that will ferry the president. There will be six armoured cars, including four Barack Mobiles and a Cadillac.

Cadillac is equipped with a mini communication centre to enable Obama to be in touch with the White House, US vice president and the US strategic command. It also has the US nuke launch codes and it can withstand a chemical or germ warfare and a bomb attack.

Two secret service command posts will be set up in Delhi and Mumbai to act as the communication nerve centres. These will monitor the president's movement with real time satellite monitoring.

Three Marine One choppers will be reassembled in India to ferry the president and his family and to evacuate them in case of any emergency.

NOTE- Barack Obama seems to think that just because he pulled of one of the most incredible con jobs in U.S history, that he's also entitled to a trillion dollar shopping spree at the expense of the same U.S tax payers he demonizes on a daily basis.

WTF?!? Forty planes and 500 rooms!

This is a major slap in the face to the tax payers. Liberals like Obama are always spending OTHER PEOPLES money like it's going out of style and this is a perfect example. Obama likes to start off every speech stating that we are in the biggest 'economic crisis' since the great depression, which isn't true, but it's a good talking point that resonates with 'dumb' voters who support Obama and his terrible policies that have made the economy much worse since he took office.

With Obama's million dollar vacations and spending sprees, he sure doesn't act like a president who thinks we are in an economic crisis. This president is using our tax dollars to fly his family over to Taj Mahal along with hundreds in his entourage and YOUR paying for it!

After 40 rounds of golf, several family vacations costing tax payers millions and flying all over the country to campaign for other dirtbags like himself, Obama is wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars while making the economy, unemployment and the national debt worse, while dividing Americans in the process.

President Obama WILL without a doubt go down as the WORST president in U.S history. For someone who claims the republicans 'drove us into a ditch,' it's a hell of a lot better than what Obama is doing which is driving the entire country over a cliff.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obama to Visit Indonesian Mosque (But NO TIME to Visit Arizona Border)

President Barack Hussein Obama should feel right at home here...

President Barack Obama will visit one of the world’s largest mosques when he makes good on a long-delayed promise to visit Indonesia, the island nation where he lived briefly as a child.

The president will visit Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta — the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and the third largest Muslim house of worship in the world — during his swing through the country Nov. 9-10. Islam is the dominant religion in populous Indonesia, making it the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation. READ MORE...

CLINTON PUSHED BLACK CANDIDATE TO GET OUT! Pushed Kendrick Meek to Quit Florida Race...

Bill Clinton sought to persuade Rep. Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race for Senate during a trip to Florida last week — and nearly succeeded.

Meek agreed — twice — to drop out and endorse Gov. Charlie Crist’s independent bid in a last-ditch effort to stop Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee who stands on the cusp of national stardom.

Meek, a staunch Clinton ally from Miami, has failed to broaden his appeal around the state and is mired in third place in most public polls, with a survey today showing him with just 15 percent of the vote. His withdrawal, polls suggest, would throw core Democratic voters to the moderate governor, rocking a complicated three-way contest and likely throwing the election to Crist.

The former president’s top aide, Doug Band, initially served as the intermediary between Meek and Crist, and Clinton became involved only when Meek signaled that he would seriously consider the option, Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna confirmed to POLITICO. READ MORE...

Obama’s Outrageous Filibuster Flip Flop

LMAO!!! Media Matters Bizarre Hail Mary: We Can’t Stop Beck with Ad Boycotts, Sarah Please Help Us!

Media Matters is a propaganda hate site filled with lies and deception AND Glenn Beck has a radio and t.v show that's full of facts and evidence, especially VIDEO evidence of progressive radicals in their own words!

Even in this video, the 'pencil neck' geek from Media Matters lies about FOX News and Sarah Palin. Palin is NOT the leader of the republican party and she's not the leader of the tea party. That's what the liberals in the media want you to believe! Also, Glenn Beck did NOT lose 100 advertisers. This moron couldn't name two...

If liberalism isn't a mental disorder, then we don't know what qualifies as one. These progressive libtards are unbelievable...

Media Matters is really pathetic. Do they even realize that only 120,000 people in America are even watching this NBC (National Barack Channel) crap because they are so dishonest?

Now these progressives want Sarah Palin of all people to help to denounce a man who SHOULD along with Andrew Breitbart win the Pulitzer prize for HONEST journalism. Both of these men expose the progressive scumbag radicals who are destroying America.

These progressive liberal radicals (Marxists) have a MENTAL DISORDER and until people are willing to admit it, treat it and find a cure for it, they will continue to live in denial about it.

Media Matters is a George Soros website. Soros is a communist and the biggest scumbag in America. (Nancy Pelosi isn't far behind)

Sarah Palin HAS TO BE loving this! lol

Media Matters 'DOESN'T' matter. They're irrelivant and pretty soon, these anti-American progressives will become a dying breed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PAPER: Obama's dumb 'DAILY SHOW' appearance; President's diminishing brand...

President Obama should make the most of his "Daily Show" appearance on Wednesday night - charming the pants off Jon Stewart and the crowd, as he did when he showed up there two years ago. It's a terrific show, Stewart is a great interviewer and Obama makes good television.

Then, the President should cancel all future trivial media appearances. While they may have kept him personally popular, in broad terms they've degraded the Obama brand.

Obama's handlers were supposed to be smarter than this. They were supposed to use his celebrity strategically to advance his agenda. Instead, they've been indiscriminate, carpet-bombing Americans with the man they elected rather than launching communications smart weapons.

The result is that for millions of Americans, the very likable, charming Obama has become a constant tone in the background rather than an occasional, convincing, presidential voice in the foreground - the kind that makes your ears perk up.

Consider all the quasi-entertainment media appearances he's made, most of them frivolous.

He went on ESPN twice to announce his Final Four picks. He went on "The View" (drawing 6.5 million viewers). He had a "Christmas at the White House" special with Oprah Winfrey. He went on Jay Leno - becoming the first sitting President to appear on a late-night show. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone, giving a revealing interview looking back on his first 18 months in office. In December, he'll be going on the Discovery Channel's "MythBusters." READ MORE...

Want to start a business? Not so fast! (Pay attention libtards)

Joy Behar; Not Smart

Joy Behar’s comments about Media Matters are some of the most inane words that have been uttered in (at least) the past decade of political discourse. She said that NPR is objective because it had been “vetted by objective ‘Media Matters’ people.”

To argue that NPR is an objective organization is a point that I would disagree with strongly. But, I know smart liberals who love NPR and can argue that point intelligently. Behar, however, cannot. She is so completely unaware of the political/media landscape that she thinks citing Media Matters–is a point in her favor. This is a woman who does this for a living. I mean, even Media Matters doesn’t consider Media Matters to be objective. This is how they describe themselves:

“progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

They don’t claim to correct misinformation. They claim to correct “conservative misinformation. ” They don’t claim to do research. They claim to do “progressive research.” They are as much an objective organization as they are a brothel for poodles. (Assuming they don’t have sex-slave-poodles…which I wouldn’t doubt.)

The point here is that Joy Behar has no depth. None. It’s obvious even on The View when she’s talking in four second bursts. But, the longer she goes on, the more obvious it gets. She talks like someone who has been at a party where smart people were talking about politics, and is now flailing around on national television attempting to recreate those conversations. It’s like trying to make the keynote speech at a convention of architects, when your main qualification is that you’ve seen a lot of buildings.

The fact that her cable news show is still on the air serves as an amazing commentary about her staff–a very talented, smart, and hardworking group of people who deserve much, much, much, much, much better.

CNN: Fla. Dem Candidate Caught Cheating Now Caught Lying

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

'Fair enough' is Matthews response? That's what he calls 'hardball?' What a wuss...

Democrat Alex Sink may be locked into a tight race with Republican Rick Scott, but it’s no excuse for cheating.

During the candidates’ gubernatorial debate Monday evening, Sink broke the rules and accepted coaching advice from a campaign staffer via a cell phone text message delivered by a makeup assistant during a commercial break. Almost immediately, Sink acknowledged the indiscretion and fired the staffer, Brian May.

“While he told me it was out of anger with Rick Scott’s repeated distortion of facts, it was a foolish thing to do,” Ms. Sink said, in a statement regarding May’s dismissal from the campaign.

But Tuesday evening, Sink seemed to change her tone and, during an appearance on MSNBC, she claimed that she had not known the message from makeup artist was related to the debate or that it had been sent by a member of her staff when she accepted it: READ MORE...

Angle Sends Behar Flowers. Behar Again Calls Her a ‘B****’ Again. Angle Raises $170,000 After the 'Angry' Cows Comments..

Well Star Jones was dead on when she called Joy Behar a 'bitch' back in the day. At least Joy earned that title, Sharon Angle didn't.

In fact, Sharon Angle is the kind of woman we need in Washington. She's one of a few brave candidates to admit that the department of education and social security are money pits and they need reformed or abolished.

Abolishing of the department of education would be the best thing to happen to our increasing number of young 'dumb' students and the American tax payer. It doesn't mean Angle doesn't care about seniors and kids, in fact, it's just the opposite. She recognizes the problem! It's the liberals who don't care and they use the same old played out tactics of hate, fear and class warfare. Give us a break...

Joy Behar is just another left wing nutjob who just doesn't get it. Most Americans dislike Joy Behar because she's a nasty, rude, miserable idiot. She still doesn't understand the definition of 'illegal alien' or 'racist.'

Whoopi looks like a follower in this clip, high fiving the 'angry cow' Joy Behar on request. Does Whoopi think it's okay for illegal aliens to come to this country ILLEGALLY and do as they please while tax payers foot the bill?

Joy Behar is just another one of many ignorant 'celebutards' who are so far out of touch with NORMAL Americans.

Joy has also been a failure in her personal life which might explain why she's so angry all the time. She's obviously failed as a teacher by not recognizing how terrible inner city public schools are, the high drop out rate and the outrageous cost per student to the tax payers.

She failed at a marriage and refuses to marry her 'partner' because she doesn't want him to be considered more superior than she is by holding the title of 'husband.' How dumb is that?

She has also failed as a comedian, unless comedians are supposed to be nasty, rude and hateful. She's definitely NOT funny..

She's failed at winning arguments on 'The View,' usually resorting to name calling followed by pouting and then crossing her 'log' legs while turning away from the person who just destroyed her. (Usually Laura Ingrahm and Michelle Malkin who she also called a 'bitch') See video below to watch Joy argue with a woman with brains.

Maybe Joy is just angry because she is another 'idiots for Obama.' After bragging about the Messiah, most Americans now know he's just a corrupt, dishonest, arrogant, radical, partisan community organizer who will without a doubt go down as the worst President in U.S history.

Joy is one dumb bi**h...

SCUMBAGS: Voter Fraud Gone Wild! Chicago, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania. Military Ballots Late. SEIU in Charge of Voting Machines! Democrats Involved.

Forget ACORN! The democrats have a new style of pimping illegal votes this election. Yes, there's still dead people, non-citizens and convicted felons voting democrat, but now the ballots and machines are tainted.

CHICAGO STYLE ELECTIONS- Glitch in Illinois' new vote-by-mail system

Daytona Beach Commissioner Arrested On Fraud Charges

SEIU in Charge of Voting Machines

Lawmakers May Probe Late Military Ballots

Residents cry foul over ballots in PA

Angle Camp: Reid 'Intends to Steal This Election'

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DUMB VOTERS, PLEASE STAY HOME: John Stossel: Some people are just too clueless to be voting. VIDEO: Dumb voter classics..

Oh, there's more...

And of course, Howard Stern even exposed dumb voters...


And the sad, but funny 'thug thizzle' classic. Skip to 1:05 to see why America is going down the toilet...


And we saved the best for last...

Palin goes nuclear on Murkowski: How dare you question Joe Miller’s honor?

What a snotty witch...

Not only does Lisa Murkowski question Joe Miller on how his West Point instructors and classmates would say he’s lived up to his military code of honor, but she goes on in the second half of the clip to deem him ‘not fit to lead’; only to hear as a reaction loud boos from the audience.

I have never seen a candidate stoop as low as was seen last night in Alaska’s senatorial debate…
The sitting Senator also came out against Arizona’s right to protect its borders. She calls for us to “enforce the laws that are currently on the books,” but doesn’t seem to understand that that is precisely what Arizona is trying to do to protect itself because the federal government refuses to enforce our laws. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by her lackadaisical attitude to border security when we consider that she has repeatedly voted against funding a border fence and voted in favor of amnesty. READ MORE...

PAY ATTENTION IDIOTS: Rubio Campaigns for American Exceptionalism

New Jersey Education Assocation progressive teachers call kids N-Word, talk about slandering Chris Christie: Christie responds. UPDATE: More VIDEO!

New Jersey Education Association teachers caught on tape talking about blacks kids with the N-Word, talk about slandering Governor Chris Christie, and living it up on your tax payer dime! Don’t worry, the media will surpresss this video. This is only Part 1.

NJEA Union Teachers call black students n*****, talk about slandering Christie, say they want to “f*** with kids,” and brag about rigged elections and voter fraud.
Directed by Christian Hartsock. Narrated by Michael Garrett. Graphic Art by Riel Phillips. Music by Brandon Martinez. Motion Graphics by Daniel Smith.

Christie responds...

Gov. Chris Christie comments on 'teachers unions gone wild'

UPDATE- O‘Keefe Releases More ’Teacher‘s Unions Gone Wild’ Footage Defending Context

This week, conservative film maker James O’Keefe released a new hidden camera expose on the New Jersey Education Association (the teacher’s union) called “Teacher’s Unions Gone Wild.” After it was released, the NJEA questioned its validity and context, and even accused O’Keefe of fabrication. Thursday, O‘Keefe responded to that criticism by releasing new graphic video from his organization’s undercover investigation — footage he says proves the documentary is true.

O’Keefe released the video on his website along with a statement targeting the union:

The New Jersey Teacher’s Union (NJEA) has questioned the authenticity of the reports released under our “Teacher’s Unions Gone Wild” Investigation.

Specifically, the NJEA claims that our conversation with one of their members, Alissa Ploshnick, was taken out of context.

NJEA Spokesman Steve Wollmer has stated in numerous interviews that when referring to activity in the hallway, Ms. Ploshnick, was referring to “students in the hallway of Clifton High School 20 years ago . . . and that’s what it would take to get a teacher to report them.”

To clear this up, Project Veritas [O'Keefe's company] has offered the raw audio of the conversation to many members of the media, and now to the public. READ MORE...

WATCH: Dem Admits Vote Buying … NBC Tries to Rescue Him

Dead people voting; buying votes; fraudulently registering voters; illegal campaign contributions; lying to the electorate, polarizing voters, is there ANY integrity in Democratic Party?


Leftist Logic: ‘Women Have Abortions Because They Care About Motherhood’

Abortion provider Dr. Elizabeth Newhall sat down to chat with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow about how she feels threatened by anti-abortion activists and offered these sanctimonious thoughts:

Maddow has appeared on multiple NBC News fronts plugging an MSNBC documentary which examines the murder of George Tiller, the former medical director of Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas — one of only three clinics in the U.S. offering late-term abortions after the 21st week of pregnancy. Tiller was shot and killed by anti-abortion militant activist Scott Roeder in 2009.

Humiliation Tactics: Wisconsin Dem Chair Unloads on Fox News Reporter in Front of Party Meeting

Fox News reporter Steve Brown likely did not anticipate the reception he got at a Democratic Party meeting in Milwaukee last night.

Local party Chairman Sachin Chheda calls out Brown and his producer and compels the reporter to walk to the front of the room to answer for the sins of Fox News.

NOTE- If WE were there, we would first explain why FOX news is fair and balanced unlike other networks who are dishonest and biased, and then explain the ratings of FOX news compared with those of CNN and MSNBC. We would then explain the hypocrisy of liberal news networks and the vicious personal attacks who they politically disagree with. We would then go outside in the hallway, put on a purple SEIU shirt, come back in and bitchslap Sachin Chheda so hard for being disrespectful to us, his head would spin 3 times like the exorcist.

That's what we would do...

FRAUD! Harry Reid's Name Already Checked on NV Ballots. HERE WE GO AGAIN: More Voter Fraud From The Democrats...

LAS VEGAS -- Some voters in Boulder City complained on Monday that their ballot had been cast before they went to the polls, raising questions about Clark County's electronic voting machines.

Voter Joyce Ferrara said when they went to vote for Republican Sharron Angle, her Democratic opponent, Sen. Harry Reid's name was already checked.

Ferrara said she wasn't alone in her voting experience. She said her husband and several others voting at the same time all had the same thing happen.

"Something's not right," Ferrara said. "One person that's a fluke. Two, that's strange. But several within a five minute period of time -- that's wrong."

Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said there is no voter fraud, although the issues do come up because the touch-screens are sensitive. For that reason, a person may not want to have their fingers linger too long on the screen after they make a selection at any time.

"Especially in a community with elderly citizens (they have) difficulty in (casting their) ballot," Lomax said. "Team leaders said there were complaints (and the) race filled in."

At any time, voters can go back on the screen and review their selections. They are also allowed to make changes and encouraged to double-check their ballot on screen and on paper before it is cast.

Lomax said voters need to have faith in the system.

"This election, I think, more than ever," he said. "The two sides are very fractured and each side is suspicious and we're caught in the middle."

AGAIN? Behar Freaks About Sharron Angle TV Ad: ‘She Is Going to Hell, This B****’

The fireworks fly throughout this clip, but the “b-word” enters around 4:00. The invective is in reaction to the Sharron Angle TV ad they play at the beginning of the segment. So you could watch that part of the clip, then begin testing your VTTOQ (View Tolerance Tap Out Quotient). If you begin clawing at your eyeballs in the 2-3 minute range, then just skip forward to the 4:00 mark:


Joy Behar is a nasty, ignorant airhead. This ad is 100% accurate...It mentions a word Joy is too stupid to define; ILLEGAL, AS IN 'ILLEGAL ALIEN.'

Maybe someone should shove some statistics in front of Joys hideous face...

70% of Americans SUPPORT the Arizona immigration law.

Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the Unites States!

Most Arizona voters INCLUDING many Hispanic voters also support the Arizona immigration law.

24 American citizens are killed EVERY SINGLE day at the hands of 'Hispanic' ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. (More than the Iraq war Joy is always whining about)

Most blacks oppose illegal immigration, so lets see Joy take her fat ass down to the Bronx and tell them just how ignorant they are....

THOUSANDS of illegal aliens DO join violent gangs. It's a fact, so deal with it. Political correctness has gone mad in this country!

Did Joy or anyone else on 'The View' report this 'real' racism story below? How about the increase of MS-13 gang members in this country? What about the twelve violent murders every single day by illegal aliens against American citizens?

Maybe that despicable angry cow Joy Behar should click here and visit 'VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIME' and explain to the the victims family members why THEY are ALSO ignorant 'bitches' for opposing illegal immigration.

GET THAT MYTH OUT OF YOUR FAT HEAD: Most illegals do NOT come here to work hard and start a better life for themselves. They come here to take advantage of the massive entitlement programs that democrats give them- PERIOD.

Joy Behar can explain to this girls parents why Sharon Angle is a 'crazy bitch' for wanting to stop violent ILLEGAL alien gang members from coming to their community.

It's too bad that the dumb audience of 'The View' applaud the fat yenta Joy Behar every time she makes an ignorant statement.

Why doesn't Joy Behar go after Harry Reid for his lies, corruption and racial statements he has made over the years?

ANSWER- Because Joy Behar is a bitter, angry, ignorant coward...

Someone please forward this post to her...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Former ACORN Official Condemns Voters’ Spontaneous Pledge of Allegiance (Updated)

At a debate sponsored by the Illinois League of Women Voters between Democratic incumbent Rep. Melissa Bean, GOP challenger Joe Walsh and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer Wednesday, the audience loudly objected when the moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, insisted on proceeding without reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. In the end, she didn’t stand a chance against the 300-member audience. The camera captures Republican Joe Walsh’s reaction.

Ms. Tate-Bradish reportedly scolded the crowd after the pledge ended, blaming the outburst on the Republican candidate. The LWV executive director, Jan Czarnik, also condemned the Pledge’s recitation, telling the local news, “It’s a phony patriotism issue is what it is,” she said. “[Republicans] must think it helps their campaign.”

Both LWV have been active members of the progressive movement. Ms. Tate-Bradish was an active supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and even hosted campaign events for the then-Senator in her own home.

Ms. Czarnik is a former ACORN Project Vote worker and has been involved in the progressive People for the American Way, but as blogger Jeff Dunetz notes, these former affiliations would surely in no way lead her to unfairly criticize a Republican candidate, right?

Ms. Tate-Bradish told the Daily Herald that she stood by her handling of the Pledge request. “It‘s pretty patriotic to run forums in election seasons where every candidate can be heard and they’re not stomped on,” she said.

One man who attended the debate, an Island Lake resident and U.S. Air Force veteran named Joseph Ptak, said Friday that he had asked for the Pledge to be recited at the debate, calling it a “proper way to begin the event that was in a high school and had student participation.” According to Ptak, there were many veterans in the audience that evening and he objects to Czarnik questioning his sincerity.

“I’m a Joe Walsh supporter, but first and foremost I’m an American,” Ptak said.

Update: New video has surfaced which captures the spontaneous pledge, followed by a scolding from the debate moderator for the audience’s “disrespect.” The moderator goes on to accuse the crowd of having planned to disrupt the debate before it began, a claim met with boos from the audience:

Dumb Joy Behar: NPR Vetted By ‘Objective Media Matters-Type People’

There’s just so much wrong with this statement, where do we begin? It’s an amazing stretch of the imagination to think NPR is “objective” in its reporting. However, if your basis for decent reporting is Media Matters, that might explain your massive blind spot for actual journalism.

Colby Hall over at Mediaite observes:

Calling Media Matters “objective” is an interesting choice of words, since they define themselves as a “progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

NOTE- Joy Behar is an idiot and she obviously doesn't watch FOX news because if she did, she would be more informed.

FOX news employs many liberals like Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Bob Beckett, Marc Lamont Hill, Kirsten Powers, Alicia Menendez, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Wallace, Pat Cadell, Doug Schoen, Joe Trippi and Sheppard Smith to name a few.

Considering FOX news IS fair and balanced and MSNBC, NPR, ABC and CNN are NOT, the annoying, ignorant Joy Behar needs to shut her fat pie hole.

'O’Reilly Factor’ Producer Confronts NPR CEO Over Williams Firing

AUDIO UPDATE: Obama Tells Latinos to ‘Punish Our Enemies’ on Election Day. WTF?!?

Someone should tell Barack 'Shitbag' Obama that the only enemy Americans have are the democrats, who play class warfare and divide Americans by race at every turn.

RAW VIDEO: Rand Paul Supporter Stomps on Idiot Activist Outside KY Debate. UPDATE- She's Done it Before. VIDEO Before Incident..

A woman wearing a wig — who would later identify herself as Lauren Valle — attempted to approach him as he got out of his SUV to attend the final Kentucky Senate debate.

She was wrestled to the ground by Rand Paul supporters. After she was on the ground, one man wearing Rand Paul shirts and stickers put a foot on her shoulder and stomped.

Valle later appeared to be unharmed. She said she represented “Republicorp,” a fictitious company which is the brainchild of She claimed that Republicorp was the merger between the Republican Party and corporate America.

Let us begin with what should be obvious and unnecessary to discuss: don’t stomp on anyone’s head. There are no mitigating circumstances to be presented in this article or video. You don’t stomp on a person’s head. Tim Profitt was wrong and should not have resorted to violence. If a police officer subduing a suspect were caught on video doing exactly what Profitt did, that officer would be in hot water. Because you don’t stomp on a person’s head. Head-stomping is not what this article is about.

The question we are addressing here today is the story that Lauren Valle is telling, and which is being retold as “conservatives are violent crazy teabaggers” grist on liberal blogs and in the MSM. The official story is that Valle merely attempted to show Rand Paul a sign, and that his supporters simply attacked her for not being a supporter. Watch this interview from Countdown for the tale: READ MORE...

Killer Angle Ad: Reid Sides With Illegals. ALSO: ‘The Barney Shuffle’: Rep. Frank’s Opponent Debuts Ambitious Viral Dance Video (With Head Explosion)

WATCH: Dem Rep Caught Omitting 'Under God' During Pledge on House Floor

A sad display of disrespect by a United States Congresswoman from Minnesota, Democrat Betty McCollum. It is a video that Betty does not want her voters to see, but it's too late Betty, you have been exposed.

After watching this video you will see how obvious it is that she she intentionally omitted the words, "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. At the time, her staffers claimed she took a breath, but with the video now out, the lie has been exposed. She intentionally omitted the phrase READ MORE...

Liar, Fake Feminist And Corrupt Democrat 'Talking Point' Queen Makes Sickening Claim Against Tea Party

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is even more phony than Hillary Clinton. She loses every debate she's in and comes armed with the most ridiculous talking points. This woman is the typical 'scumbag' politician and her accusations against tea partiers are totally false. She's a liar and a gutter politician who plays the gender card constantly.

Dumb women will still vote for Debbie and she's counting on their stupidity because it has worked so well in the past.

Schultz attacks Alan West, a war veteran and American hero, but if West challenged her to a debate, she wouldn't show up because Alan West would mop the floor with the 'kinky haired' Marxist.

HORSEFACE SMACKDOWN: Debbie Wasserman Shultz get's smacked down by liberal Dylan Ratigan. (Skip to 1:09 for the good stuff)

RI Dem: Obama can 'take his endorsement and shove it'...'He ignored us and now he's coming into Rhode Island treating us like ATM machine'...

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio, in a radio interview Monday morning, reacted angrily to President Obama's decision not to endorse him during a visit to the Ocean State Monday.

"He can take his endorsement and really shove it as far as I'm concerned," Caprio told talk-show host John DePetro during an interview on WPRO-AM.

In Monday morning's Providence Journal, John Mulligan of The Journal's Washington bureau reported that Mr. Obama would not endorse Democrat Caprio during a visit to Rhode Island Monday.

Mulligan quoted independent candidate Lincoln Chafee's spokesman saying Obama's decision "is a victory for Linc Chafee," who is one of Caprio's opponents in the race for governor.

Former Republican Senator Chafee endorsed Mr. Obama for president in 2008.

Caprio went on to criticize Mr. Obama for not visiting Rhode Island during this spring's record floods.

Caprio said Rhode Islanders "are hurting," that the state has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and "now he's coming into Rhode Island treating us like an ATM machine."

Mr. Obama will visit a Woonsocket factory and raise money for Democratic candidates during his visit.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meathead: Christine O‘Donnell Astoundingly Stupid and He Won’t Run for Gov. Because of Nasty Political Name Calling

So 'Meathead' calls informed Americans who actually produce in this country, who are tired of the out of control spending and corruption in Washington, 'teabaggers?'

And O'Donnell's the 'astoundingly stupid' one?

The Tea Party movement does have ideas, great ideas that will actually work! For example, making sure that corrupt, disgusting politicians like Martha Coakley, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Steny Hoyer, Alan Grayson, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel and other dirtbags do not hold office in the future. That's the BEST idea ever!

Most liberals/progressives/communist/Marxist/socialists (same thing) are just too ignorant to understand the tea party movement. Liberals are also very irrational people who have no common sense and unfortunatley, they control most of our media. (George Soros)

LIBTARDS: Journalism Watchdogs or Progressive Propagandists: Media Matters Massive Beck Hate Hypocrisy

Liberals are not only idiots and hypocrites, they're a joke. A total joke...

Repub: Violent Overthrow of the Gov‘t is ’On the Table’

On Thursday, Texas Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden said he would not rule out violent overthrow of the government if America continues down its current path.

In an interview with WFAA-TV, the Dallas Morning News reports, Broden said that a violent uprising “is not the first option,“ but it is ”on the table.”

According to both reports, the sentiment expressed in the interview is similar to ideas expressed in the past.

In 2009, Broden said that there is a solution to tyranny: “We have a constitutional remedy. And the Framers say if that don’t work, revolution.”

It was in response to a question regarding that statement that he said revolution is a viable option: “Our nation was founded on violence; the option is on the table. I don’t think that we should ever remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms. However, it is not the first option.”

“If the government is not producing the results or has become destructive to the ends of our liberties, we have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary,” Broden added.

Broden has caught the media’s eye before. In 2009 he said that the financial crises was “contrived” and “set up” by the Obama administration, and compared America’s complacency today to the Jews under Hitler. In yesterday’s interview, however, he backpedaled on both statements.

But he didn’t back down on his statements about revolution. Consequently, those comments have drawn criticism from local GOP leaders. The Morning News reports that Jonathan Neerman, head of the Dallas County Republican Party, called Broden’s comments a “disappointing, isolated incident.” He said he will be discussing the matter with Broden’s campaign.

Broden, a pastor, faces Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Texas’s 30th district near Dallas.

NOTE- We totally support this guy...

Palin Tells Obama to Apologize to Unemployed Americans. Calls Politico Reporter a 'Punk.' VIDEO: Beck Demands Retraction on Palin Story From Politico

She's right. You can't blame Bush for double digit unemployment. Remember that the democrats have controlled congress since 2006.

It's too bad that we have so many idiots in America with the power to vote who do not realize that simple fact.

In this video, Palin and Beck joke about the lies of the pathetic media..

Again, Sarah Palin is right. The media has lied about her since she was a candidate for Vice President and this has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. At the same time, the media has given Joe Biden, the current Vice President and the biggest MORON in Washington, a free pass.

'It's why we call them idiots.'

Beck Demands Retraction: Politico‘s Story on Palin Is ’Out and Out Lie’

Monday, October 18, 2010

University Won’t Fire Tenured Prof. Calling for Destruction of Israel

Kaukab Siddique believes strongly that the Holocaust was a hoax and that Muslms must “rise up against this hydra-headed monster which calls itself Zionism.” While his rhetoric is concerning, even more worrisome is that Siddique is an associate professor of English at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. And while the university acknowledges his comments are troubling, it says it can’t take action partly because Siddique is tenured.

Over Labor Day weekend, reports CBN’s Erick Stakelbeck, Siddique addressed radicals at an anti-Israel rally in Washington, D.C. There, his anti-Semitism was on full display.

“We must stand united to defeat, to destroy, to dismantle Israel — if possible by peaceful means,” Kaukab Siddique said. “Perhaps, like Saladin, we will give them enough food and water to travel back to the lands from where they came to occupy other people.”

“For the Jews, I would say see what could happen to you if the Muslims wake up,” Siddique warned. “And I say to the Muslims, dear brothers and sisters, unite and rise up against this hydra-headed monster which calls itself Zionism.” READ MORE...

Chris Matthews Slams Conway Over ‘Aqua Buddha’ Attack Ad

Not even liberal MSNBC host can get behind Kentucky Democrat Jack Conway’s latest attack on Republican Rand Paul… and when questioned, Conway himself has trouble defending it:

While Conway has some Democrats condemning his campaign tactics, he remains the face of progressives’ continuing attacks on conservative Republicans like Dr. Rand Paul for their support of privatizing Social Security.

STUNNING HYPOCRISY: Dems Receive Twice as Much ‘Foreign’ PAC Money as GOP

While President Barack Obama and other well-known figureheads of the Democratic Party are criticizing Republicans for allegedly benefiting from “foreign donations” to conservative interest groups, a new analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics has revealed that the Democratic Party has raised more than $1 million from political action committees affiliated with foreign companies — about twice as much as the $510,000 the GOP has received from PACs on the same list.

The PACs at the center of the study are funded entirely by contributions from American employees of foreign companies. “This is not foreign money per-se, but these PACs are certainly populated by people who work for foreign companies,” says David Levinthal, a spokesman for the Center for Responsive Politics.

“Foreign companies and foreign governments can lobby Congress, and that is probably one area where they have a measurable effect on politics,” Levinthal told The Hill. “Foreign-subsidiary political action committees is about as close as you can get.”

In response, Republicans are crying foul, accusing the Democratic Party of hypocrisy in their criticism of groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads, a group backed by GOP heavyweights Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie. “Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court and his adversaries over the bogus charge of foreign money tainting elections — while leaders in his own party had taken more than a million dollars from the foreign cookie jar,” said Jonathan Collegio, a spokesman for American Crossroads. “The hypocrisy here is just stunning,” he told The Hill. READ MORE...

Alleged: Barney Frank’s Boyfriend Heckles GOP Opponent After Debate

Sean Bielat is running for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts’s 4th district. His opponent is Barney Frank, the thirty-year House veteran who is openly homosexual. That‘s important only because Bielat was reportedly introduced to Frank’s boyfriend during a heckling session following a debate on Thursday.

From Mediaite:

After exiting a debate with Barney Frank at the WGBH studios in Boston on Thursday, GOP opponent Sean Bielat was in the midst of giving an interview outside the studio when he was heckled by a passerby. By all accounts the passerby was none other than Frank’s boyfriend James Ready. READ MORE...

MUST WATCH: Epic Rand Paul Debate Smackdown

“I will not be associated with a man who attacks my religion.”

Conservative Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway debated in Kentucky. At one point Conway tried to assure the crowd that he was “not a typical democrat.” Yeah right. That won’t work this year. We just went through two years where democrats voted lockstep to ram through Obama’s radical agenda. We won’t be fooled again, Jack.

During closing comments Rand Paul told the audience that he would not shake Conway’s hand after his attacks on his family, his religion and his faith. Rand Paul is a man of principle, after all.

“We will try to keep the debate on a higher tone. I hope he will leave my church, my family and my religion out of it.”

Conway released a despicable ad that attacked Rand Paul’s Christion beliefs this week. Paul is a member of The Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green, where his wife Kelley is a deacon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

HIPPO-CRIT: First Lady Grabs Some Fast-Food

President Obama often uses a "Don't tell Michelle" line when he travels on the road and eats fast food.

But the first lady — known for her healthful eating initiatives — had her own fast-food moment while on the road in Milwaukee on Wednesday. Michelle Obama stopped at Miss Katie's Diner and had a cheeseburger and fries, according to TMJ4, a local NBC affiliate.

YA THINK?!? Merkel says German multicultural society has failed

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel: "lmmigrants should learn to speak German"

Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed",

Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

She said the so-called "multikulti" concept - where people would "live side-by-side" happily - did not work, and immigrants needed to do more to integrate - including learning German.

The comments come amid rising anti-immigration feeling in Germany.

A recent survey suggested more than 30% of people believed the country was "overrun by foreigners".

The study - by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation think-tank - also showed that roughly the same number thought that some 16 million of Germany's immigrants or people with foreign origins had come to the country for its social benefits.

Foreign workers

Mrs Merkel told a gathering of younger members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party on Saturday that at "the beginning of the 60s our country called the foreign workers to come to Germany and now they live in our country."

She added: "We kidded ourselves a while, we said: 'They won't stay, sometime they will be gone', but this isn't reality." READ MORE...

JACKASSES: Obama Tells HUGE Lies, Morons Applaud! Heckling From AIDS Activists Irritates Obama During Boston Rally.

Obama lies about republicans rolling back Wall Street reform and cutting AIDS funding and 'super' IDIOTS applaud. George Bush increased funding for AIDS more than Obama has, and the so-called 'genius' Obama lifted the travel ban for foreigners with HIV, bringing in more cases and spreading the disease even more as he simultaneously destroys healthcare

How did they manage to fit this many dumb people in one room? With people this stupid, it's no wonder we need 'reform' for irresponsible dopes who can't read the small print or pay their credit card bills on time.

As for AIDS funding, instead of increasing 'funding' for AIDS, how about not having sex or using a condom if you are having sex? How about homosexual men NOT sticking their manhood in another mans rear end without a lubricated condom?

With that advice, that should cut AIDS is half and it didn't cost a 40 million dollars.

Heckling From AIDS Activists Irritates Obama During Boston Rally

BOSTON (AP) — With the congressional elections fast approaching, President Barack Obama acknowledged Saturday that the hope and energy he stirred during his presidential campaign may have faded in the face of a grinding economic crisis.

“We’re doing the grinding, sometimes frustrating work of actually delivering change. I know it can be discouraging,” Obama told a crowd of 10,000 at an energetic rally at Boston’s Hynes Convention Center.

Obama came to Boston to campaign for his friend and political ally, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who is struggling to overcome the anti-incumbent mood that has swept across the country during this election season.Obama said Patrick’s opponent is banking on the same strategy as national Republicans.

Obama’s remarks were interrupted twice by protesters demanding more funding for HIV/AIDS. Supporters in the crowd tried to drowned out the protesters by chanting, “Yes We Can,” Obama’s slogan during the 2008 presidential campaign. READ MORE...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

NICE TRY: NBC Tries To Link Black Conservative, Veteran And War Hero Allen West To The Outlaws Biker Gang...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

NBC isn't interested in why democrats want convicted rapists and murderers to vote.

NBC isn't interested in the filthy corrupt democrats in congress who are bankrupting America.

NBC isn't interested in President Obama's relationship with the new Black Panther party, Black Liberation Theology or the fraudulent organization ACORN, which commits massive voter fraud in every election.

NBC isn't interested in reporting on the 24 American citizens who are murdered by illegal immigrants every single day in this country as Obama does nothing to secure the border or even visit the border because he's too busy playing golf, partying with celebrities at the White House and giving campaign speeches while intentionally destroying the country.

NO! NBC is more concerned with attacking Allen West of all people.

Allen West is brave war hero and a man that Americans desperately need in Washington to straighten out the scumbag politicians who are robbing us blind and weakening our nation.

NOT ALL BIKERS ARE CRIMINALS...not even bikers who are members of a gang!

How pathetic and desperate of democrat 'cheerleaders' NBC to attack a black republican and U.S Army veteran who is running for senate.

This is just another bogus attack on the tea party and conservatives by the left wing network NBC.

There will be a few idiots out there who will actually buy this trash reporting by NBC, but not enough to defeat Allen West. In fact, West should see a jump in his donations...

Meet the REAL Allen West...