Monday, October 26, 2009

'Climate Change' Mural OK on Campus But Not the American Flag? WTF?!?

Is the indoctrination by radical flea bag professors like Bill Ayers working?

DURHAM — A worldwide event promoting climate change awareness was carried out locally Saturday by a coalition of young adults who organized the painting of a 40-foot mural in the downtown.

The University of New Hampshire Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) and the Durham Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) co-sponsored the painting of the mural, which is on the side of the Out Back Gift Shop on Main Street. Organizers unveiled the mural at a ceremony Saturday morning as part of an international campaign coordinated by

According to Alex Fried, one of the organizers, there are scientific studies that have shown 350 parts per million is the most carbon dioxide that can safely be in Earth’s atmosphere. He said the current CO2 concentration is around 390 ppm, so the campaign aims to urge world leaders to act on climate change. READ MORE...

*If it were up to us, we would send every Marine who graduated boot camp, to go to these campuses where there's a 'Students for a Democratic Society' for one day, and let them 'beat' the patriotism into these anti-American sissy liberals. They will thank the leathernecks down the road...

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