Friday, October 30, 2009

MAKE MY DAY! 'Dirty' Granny Packing Heat Blasts Ex Con Trying To Rob Her With Her 357 Magnum....Awesome! Totally Awesome!

A man shot to death this week when he tried to rob a family in their Ohio motel room was a parolee wanted in St. Louis County, the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reported Friday.

An arrest warrant had been issued for Wayne Winston, 25, of Florissant in August because he moved out of state without permission while on probation, Jacqueline Lapine, a spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Corrections, told the newspaper.

Authorities in Ohio say Winston was shot and killed Wednesday after he barged into a hotel room with a gun demanding money. There were six people in the room and they’d left the door open to the first-floor room so the adults in the room could stay within earshot of two girls in the room next door.

One of the people in the room, a 70-year-old great-grandmother, reached into her purse on the floor, pulled out a .357-caliber Magnum pistol and shot Winston once in the chest, the newspaper reported.

Winston stumbled to the parking lot, where he was later pronounced dead. READ MORE...


NOTE- This happens OFTEN in America and is rarely reported. Liberals want to take guns away from everyone BUT people like Mr. Winston (RIP).

Maybe these idiot liberals need to become a victim of a violent crime so they can get that 'helpless' painful feeling and they might change their mind.

Just imagine how wrong this COULD of went if Winston wasn't satisfied with the amount of money he got or if he didn't want to leave witnesses behind. What about the two girls next door? The thing is, you don't know and all too often, these robberies turn out to be violent murders.

Who cares what kind of upbringing Winston had, he knew it was wrong what he was doing it and he pulled his gun out. One more scumbag off the street; great job Grandma! If this happened in Mass-a-sissy, New Jersey or New York, they would try to put the grandmother in prison.


  1. Grannie Got Her Gun and exercised her Second Amendment rights.
    Go, Grannie!
    And thanks for taking out the trash.

  2. funny as shit! better than brad's hot pot of