Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TOTAL DOUCHEBAG! Keith Olbermann Tries to Smear Tea Party Express II.

During his anti-Tea Party rant, Keith Olbermann showed a Facebook event page with only 192 confirmed attendees. But he was pulling a fast one on his viewers. What he didn't tell you is that we had just put the page up - only a few hours before! But he tried to make it look like our effort was dead. And he couldn't be further from the truth as thousands are now signing up.

So now help us prove Keith Olbermann wrong. One of the central elements of success for our Tea Party Express has been to generate large crowds. But with limited time before our launch we have to get the word out to large numbers, fast. One way we are doing that is by ramping up our TV and radio advertising campaign to get the word out to millions of Americans to come join our Tea Party Express rallies.

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