Wednesday, November 25, 2009

911 Never Forget Coalition Speaks Out Against Obama Administration Bringing KSM To NY..

At a press conference today, family members of relatives lost in the Islamic terrorist attacks of 911, and first responders who were part of the rescue and recovery at the WTC on the day of the attack which killed 3,000 people, announced a national campaign to stop the Obama administration from bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four 911 barbarian co-conspirators to the US for trial in Federal court. Over 120,000 people (and counting) have signed a petition to stop this obamanation.

Obama is giving these terrorist scumbags a platform and is trying to put George W. Bush on trial. If you know Barack Obama and Eric Holder, you know the real deal behind this..

How soon these liberals forget...

Barack Obama is an anti-American radical. The reason we call Obama supporters 'idiots' is because you would have to be an idiot NOT to see that Obama is a radical anti-American Marxist. If you don't understand that, or you're in denial, we can only suggest spending a few hours on this site and then fact check us OR you can continue to lie to yourself until another ton of evidence piles up on top of the heap we already have....OR go see a shrink and get some help....

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