Monday, November 16, 2009

Al Gore's Current TV Calls Sarah Palin a 'Gun-Ho' and a 'TWILF'

Girly-man Brian Williams in cartoon above. What a sissy.


Days after announcing another huge layoff, Al Gore's Current TV referred to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a "Gun-Ho" and a "TWILF."

These disgraceful, sexually-charged epithets were part of an attack on prominent conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and came in the form of a cartoon ironically titled "The Stupid Virus":

When a lab-monkey declares that President Obama wasn't born in America, he becomes Patient Zero for a new brand of fear-based news virus - Fearus Ignoramus. We watch as the virus goes ear-borne, spreading from Rush Limbaugh to CNN to the mainstream-media to the general public. America devolves into panic, convinced its President is an illegal alien anti-Christ.

In the end, this was just a lot of conservative bashing in very bad taste, especially the shot of Palin's Twitter page and her astonishingly offensive screen name "Gun-Ho" (video embedded below the fold, vulgarity alert, h/t Breitbart TV):

What's funny is that these morons are trying to make fun of the truth. So it just adds LESS credibility to the media and people like AL Gore who are the real liars. It's also pretty pathetic that they have to create a cartoon to brainwash weak-minded 'sheep' into NOT believing what is really the truth. How dumb is that?

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