Friday, November 27, 2009

BASTARDS: Justice Dept. Says Acorn Can Be Paid. What Is This Country Coming To?!?

If we NEVER EVER vote for lawyers, liberals or Ivy League vermin like Obama, Holder, Pelosi etc..things ONLY GET BETTER...

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has concluded that the Obama administration can lawfully pay the community group Acorn for services provided under contracts signed before Congress enacted a law banning the government from providing funds to the group.

The department’s conclusion, laid out in a recently disclosed five-page memorandum from David Barron, the acting assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel, adds a new wrinkle to a sharp political debate over the antipoverty group’s activities and recent efforts to distance the government from it.

Since 1994, Acorn, which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has received about $53 million in federal aid, much of it grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for providing various services related to affordable housing. READ MORE...


  1. This revelation is disgusting.

  2. Huh???? lo..Eric Holder is a bitch ass nigga...a Sell-out and typical white punk ass liberal.

  3. Can we call Holder and his merry band of marxists asshats yet?

  4. When all else fails, stupidy takes over. Blame the Senate they voted for Holder, even when they knew what he stood for. Recycle congress!

  5. recycle is right, like a bad hand in poker throw them back and start over