Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chris Matthews Guest: "You're Making My Leg Tingle" Matthews Shocked; Almost Cries and Pee's His Pants. VIDEO

Why does Chris Matthews always play the 'name one' game. Tea Party organizer Mark Williams wasn't falling this weak liberal trap. The last time Tingley Matthews tried this was on a libertarian who schooled the shit out of Chris Matthews on the constitution and the second amendment.

The look on Chrissy's face was priceless! He looked like he was about to cry to his mommy. What a sissy..and a pathetic journalist. He only brings people like Mark Willimans on the show to use as a punching bag. It's ok though, because no one is watching MSNBC and Mark Williams shut Chris up real quick with the 'tingley' comment.

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1 comment:

  1. I love that expression that came across his face! Surely he's read at least some of the mocking commentary his tingly leg comment let loose across this country? Doesn't he know most thinking people think of him as a simpering idiot? Look at his ratings.