Friday, November 20, 2009

EMBARRASSMENT TO THE FIRE SERVICE: Racist Crybabies: Black Firefighters Seek To Halt Promotions of White Firefighters in New Haven...

Black Firefighters Seek To Halt Promotions; From The New Haven Independent

As a judge considers a motion to promote white firefighters who brought the Ricci case, seven African-American firefighters have stepped into the case.

On Monday, a group of seven black firefighters filed a Motion to Intervene in Ricci v. DeStefano, the controversial case stemming from a 2003 firefighter promotions exams. If successful, the motion would allow the seven to become plaintiffs in the case.

Attached to the motion is a complaint against the city by the seven firefighters. Their complaint seeks to prevent the city from going forward with any promotions based on the 2003 exams. The lawsuit would go forward if the motion to intervene is successful.

Read the motion and the lawsuit here.

The filing comes on the heels of a similar complaint by African-American firefighter Michael Briscoe. The new complaint differs from Briscoe’s in that Briscoe does not seek to prevent the city from making promotions based on the 2003 exams.

In 2004, Frank Ricci and 19 fellow firefighters sued the city after it threw out the results of the 2003 exams. The city argued that verification of the results would have opened it to a discrimination lawsuit, since no African-American firefighters would have passed. The group of mostly white firefighters — dubbed the “New Haven 20” — argued the city’s actions amounted to “reverse discrimination.”

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the New Haven 20, and sent the case back to New Haven’s U.S. District Court, where a jury trial to determine damages looms. The question of who is to be promoted also remains unanswered. READ MORE... (Video Below)

NOTE- What a bunch of crybabies; These men are a total embarrassment to all members who work in Public Safety. Can you imagine the balls of these men, pretty much admitting that they were too dumb to score high on a test because they were either too lazy or too stupid to prepare for it, or because they just didn't know enough to become a company officer, and then claiming it wasn't fair because the test was too hard? What a slap in the face to the fire service, and many black fire officers in cities across America who were hired and promoted fairly through hard work and dedication.

Affirmative Action already allows some 'dumb' and unqualified candidates to be plucked off the street and be hired as fireman in the first place, putting other fireman's lives in danger. Yes, fireman can die because of 'affirmative action.' Dumbing down tests isn't a good idea to promote someone who is going to be responsible for his entire crew of fireman going home safely at the end of their shift. All it takes is ONE mistake at a fire incident and lives are lost.

Fireman and fire officers do not just put water on fire and go home. They have to be skilled in proper forcible entry techniques, proper laddering of structures, proper ventilation, proper hose line placement, building construction and recognizing SIGNS of danger such as collapse and backdrafts. They have to be very knowledgable of types of fires, the stages of those fires and how to locate, confine and extinguish them properly and make quick decisions. They have to know how to deal with hazardous materials, electrical fires, gas leaks, auto extrication and training new firefighters. They must show LEADERSHIP. You just can't 'dumb down' a test to make it easier for fireman to get promoted. It WILL get fireman KILLED. Not maybe, possibly, but KILLED. There were other blacks, whites and hispanics that also didn't do well on the test; do you see them whining and complaining?

Now some of these same fireman, some who didn't even deserve their appointment, are now trying to prevent the promotions of good fireman just because they're white; how pathetic! All these men should be suspended for embarrassing their department and creating more phony 'racism' accusations, but that will NEVER happen.

It's such a shame to see the few bitter crybabies who make other black and latino fireman who have actually earned their jobs and promotion through hard work, look bad. It's almost 2010, we have a half black President and affirmative action needs to go. It's RACISM period. It always has been. It doesn't matter what your black and white liberal friends say.

How long will white Americans continue to take this crap from these whining 'race baiting' morons? Get a spine please...testicle fortitude...something. All these false racism claims do is create more racism, hatred and resentment. Maybe Obama should tell these men to stop acting so 'stupidly.'


  1. "Affirmative Action? What's that?" -- Barack Hussein 0bama, MMM, MMM, MMM.

  2. Um, why isn't this article in the NY Times. Well, said. No, perfectly accurate and well said.

  3. the sheriffs aneer , i said the sheriffs aneer i wonder what colon plugged powell would have done if he did,nt become a general?

  4. Good post, and as a black police officer, I totally agree. I have worked with dummies from all races, but I question how some got hired. I know I got my job without help from some government program. I do believe affirmative action does create more racism and resentment as everyone wonders who got their job the right way, or through help, or a relative etc..

    We should all be considered equal period. Isn't that what MLK died for? He sure didn't die for us to become equal and then cry for some sort of reperations for something our generation never suffered. Whites I'm friends with and have known my entire life weren't responsible for slavery of preventing the civil rights movement. I know Al Gore's dad was and other democrats tried to prevent it.

    I think a lot of these programs are created by white liberal democrats to buy the votes of black organizations who push for programs like affirmative action, which is racism, which is what these organizations claim to be fighting. That's very hypocritical to me.