Friday, November 6, 2009

FLASHBACK! OBAMA'S AMNESTY PLAN: How Many Voting Democrats Actually Agree With This 'Piece Of Sh**' Plan? Must See VIDEO

TIME TO VENT- OUR THOUGHTS- This plan should make EVERY American SICK to their stomach, including the people who came here LEGALLY. Again we have to ask, 'why do MOST blacks, union members, gays, college students and women vote democrat?!? Look at what you're getting!

How many Union members who vote democrat and sell their souls down the toilet for a 'contract,' a 2% raise, or because they believe the scare tactics by union bosses (democrats) of 'privatization' if the republicans are elected, agree with this amnesty plan? Go ask....

Do these same union members also agree with democrats on high taxes, more entitlement programs, gay marriage, school indoctrination like 'gay math' while removing any mention of the word 'God' from the schools, and then passing laws that protect pedophiles? Do these same union members agree with the biggest scam in U.S history (next to Obama being elected), cap and trade? A bill which increases energy bills and the price of gasoline and oil which will only hurt the WORKING poor, the middle class and small businesses, while doing NOTHING for the environment! Duuhhh??

John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel says global warming is the greatest scam in history

Do these same voting democrats really believe a 2 trillion dollar health care plan that adds 47 million additional people, 40% less physicians (Over 40% of doctors said they will retire or stop practicing if this government run health care plan passes.) and a plan run by the most incompetent administration AND congress in U.S history, is going to cost less and improve quality? How dumb have so many people become?!?

Go down the street in poor neighborhoods and ask the WORKING POOR if they want their energy bills to, as Obama said, 'skyrocket,' especially the poor folks in the northeast who use oil heat. Ask them if they want better public schools for their kids. Ask them if they want their kids to have religion in their life. Ask them if they want to bring more money home in their paychecks instead of paying for welfare, ACORN, abortions, illegal alien entitlement programs and 'gang tattoo removal,' all things DEMOCRATS support and promote. Ask them if they want family values to be taught in school over singing songs praising the worst President in U.S history, then ask if they want their kids being taught how to put a condom on a cucumber in fourth grade. Ask them if they want their daughter to become pregnant as a teen so she can visit the local planned parenthood, or if they want their son incarcerated as a teen because there's no father around his entire life. Ask them if they want their kids waiting in the emergency room behind illegal aliens or waiting behind Guantanamo Bay inmates for flu shots; because it's happening!

FINALLY- Ask them, what political party has been in charge of their city or state in the past decade...


  1. Stop! You're about to convert me to 'independent.' Didn't know the dems were this bad. Im not that informed cuz I'm in school. Is this true?

  2. They're not. There's a lot of anger on this site. It's sad. No one is bad, or evil. This country needs to collectively stand back and take a breath.

  3. Anger? Ha! I LOVE this site and I will tell you what douchebag, there better be a lot of anger. I don't know what closet you're living in, but one out of 5 people have no FULL TIME job, my 3 kids are under 10yrs old and are already in $400,000 debt EACH, they're attacking my religion, trying to ruin my great health care, trying to attack me for protesting at Tea Party's, cut my mothers medicade in the new health care bill, expanding fanie-freddia and further sinking my home value, raising my taxes on my business I worked 16 years for, F*** YOU PAL.

    I greww up in poverty, welfare in Brooklyn NY, serving in the Army as a ranger, worked over 40 jobs from 16-35 before getting my business started and 'we're' NOT supposed to be angry at Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Rangel, Schumer, Waters, Frank and Dodd- democrat?

    You are either misinformed, a snotty rich kid hiding in your mommy's basement behind her mother, a freeloader with a computer or ONE DUMB *UCK. There, there's some anger for you douchebag.

    Wake up America, it's because of peopel like coward-anonymous, we have a country going down the tube run by neo-statist morons and that idiot votes for them...

    We need Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Jim Demint, Michele Bachman and Peter Schiff and John Stossell, Jesse Kelly in office and we need to remove these elitist ivy league dickheads and theives OUT.

    When that happens, my anger will go away, got it kid?

  4. excuse the typing errors as I have big fingers and i'm 'typing angry!'