Thursday, November 5, 2009

GET RID OF THIS PUTZ; RINO Lindsey Graham on NY-23 fallout: Leave the RINOs alone! “The green economy is coming." IDIOT

Typical politician and RINO scumbag Lindsey 'Gomer' Graham. What a disgrace...

How RINO is too RINO for Graham? It’s unclear. Even he’s sour on Scozzafava, but apparently only because she was too far left for the “mainstream” in NY-23, not because she was too far left, period. Like Ace, I’m happy to help build a bridge between centrists and conservatives, but a bridge has to end somewhere. Where does this one end? Or should we simply ask all Democrats to declare themselves Republicans and have a one-party system that encompasses everyone from DeMint to Pelosi according to whatever’s “mainstream” in their district? READ MORE...

For over 10 years, we have been in a cold spell. Thousands of real scientists (with PHD's) have said that man-made global warming is a scam. A con job. Lindsey Graham still is and always has been a true jackass who belongs with the other jackasses on the other side of the aisle. He's no Jim Demint.

We hope to see him defeated in 2010. It's people like Graham, Specter, Collins, Snowe and Scozzafava who are DESTROYING and dividing the Republican party. RINO's are 'democrat lite' and will always lose to the dumbacrats because they're not much different. We need TRUE conservatives like Jim Demint, Michele Bachman, Ron Paul and Peter King to take the house in 2010.

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