Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Do You Solve This Problem Without Sarah? (Newsweek Should Worry About Fixing Their Dishonest Journalism) Huge Crowds Camp Out To See Palin..

How pathetic is Newsweek? The liberal rag is declining in sales like many other left-wing magazines and newspapers because no one believes their content anymore. Their credibility is hanging right around ZERO. If you're a liberal 'sheep,' meaning you're weak-minded and don't have the ability to think for yourself, stay with us on this one. Look at the bottom of the magazine, where it says, 'She's bad for the GOP-and everyone else too,' and ask yourself, 'Why would a far-left magazine put that statement there?' Who is everyone else? Who? We're waiting....The liberal Newsweek hates Palin because she's a THREAT. They're using reverse psychology on 'idiots' and it seems to be working. Newsweek knows that Palin's good for the GOP and the few republicans that bash her aren't true conservatives, they're elitist RINO's. THEY taint the republican party and are 'democrat lite,' NOT Palin.

Anyone who can piss liberals off this much has our total support. If conservatives like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Peter King or Jim Demint run for President, we are behind all of them!

We found this piece from and it's one of the best articles we have read this year involving Palin because it's content is accurate and realistic. We suggest everyone read the entire article.

Our favorite quote from this article is, "Palin is a phenomenon, and honest liberals would be well-advised to read her work and understand her appeal, just as conservatives should read 'Dreams From My Father' to understand the mind of Bill Ayers."


Newsweek advertised its cover story on the release of Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” by asking, “How do you solve a problem like Sarah?” This headline was informed by the same journalistic standards that led the Washington Post to publish a book review by someone who admits she didn’t read the book – and then prompted MSNBC to invite this person on the air as an expert on the book she didn’t read. Newsweek apparently couldn’t be bothered to watch “The Sound of Music” all the way through, because Maria is the hero of the piece. The nuns singing “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” are singing about suppressing the very spirit that will help Maria save her family from totalitarian oppression. Considering Palin’s indestructible good cheer, if she runs for office again, I wouldn’t be surprised if she used “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” as a campaign song… and thanked Newsweek for the suggestion.
The media has treated Palin’s book like the mirrored scroll from “Kung Fu Panda”: every reviewer sees themselves reflected in its pages. Imagine a mainstream news magazine trying to portray any liberal woman as a lightweight, by using a photo of her in running shorts to tease its review of her major new book. Running a book review by someone who admits to skipping the last third of the book is not an insult to Sarah Palin, who was not writing for an audience of lazy media hacks. It’s an insult to the audience… including liberal readers of the Washington Post with the intellectual clarity to desire an understanding of those who eagerly devoured every single page. Palin is a phenomenon, and honest liberals would be well-advised to read her work and understand her appeal, just as conservatives should read “Dreams From My Father” to understand the mind of Bill Ayers.

The careless, sloppy disdain of the Left’s reaction to “Going Rogue” is almost as strong an argument for Palin’s politics as anything contained within its pages. The absolute lack of care and competence from the government that ran up a $12 trillion national debt is astonishing. Months of dithering over Afghanistan strategy, with American troops under fire, ends with a painfully unqualified Commander-in-Chief wailing that he wants a new set of options. The politicization of national defense ends in the absurd spectacle of a civilian trial for illegal enemy combatants… subcontracting national security to trial lawyers, and a randomly-selected pool of 12 people who never heard of 9/11.

The lunatic environmentalist movement, which is poised to push the American economy into a full-bore depression with its cap-and-trade bill, is headed by a man who admitted on national television that he thinks the Earth’s core is hotter than the surface of a white dwarf star. The same elite that despises Sarah Palin as an ignorant hillbilly spent the last twenty years telling us this man is a genius.
The national debt is piling up like sales of Palin’s book, and the elite don’t understand how either of them got so huge. Taxpayers are trapped on a Willy Wonka boat, hurtling through psychedelic clouds of uncontrolled spending, while the President sits in the back and mumbles nonsense rhymes about imaginary jobs created in non-existent Congressional districts. The people lining up to buy Palin’s book are not the authors of this careless, carnivorous government… but they are expected to pay for it. The assertion that someone who connects with them, and understands their beliefs, is unwelcome on the national stage is just the latest variation of “Shut up and pay your taxes.” No one should accept that attitude from a government as incompetent as the journalists who fawn over it. READ MORE...


We're sure NBC will show two homeless people around the corner and say no one showed up for Palin. It's just how pathetic and dishonest NBC has become. We're not sure if Obama had any of his supporters camp out to see him, unless you count the filthy hippies from Oregon and Washington who camp out on a daily basis anyway.

We're sure the sissy media will sift through these crowds looking for the ONE idiot with an offensive shirt or who isn't familiar with every issue and make him or her out to be some kind of idiot or nutcase.

Breaking! MSNBC reporter grills and ambushes a little girl at Palin book signing. How despicable and unprofessional. More evidence that liberals have a severe mental disorder.. See video here. We're not kidding...

Lets see MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell visit some elementery schools in the inner city and ask the Obama kiddie-zombies if they know that President Obama is going to put them in debt for the rest of their life. Ask them how they feel about their parents energy bills 'skyrocketing' when Obama signs the 'cap and trade' bill. Ask them if they know how many states we have in America, then tell them that President Obama disagrees and thinks that we have 57 states. Ask the poor black kids attending the failing public schools in the ghettos if they knew that Obama and the democrats took away their school vouchers, and they won't have the opportunity to attend private schools and get a better education, like Obama's daughters do...

SHE WON'T ASK, because she's an elitist liberal. What we call, 'white liberal scum.'

Maybe MSNBC should troll down the streets of Los Angeles with a clipboard and ask all of these rioters in this video who they supported for President, Obama or McCain, and then ask them why.

When Norah O'Donnell gets her purse snatched and her jaw broken, she can get back in her overturned news truck with the rocks being pelted at it, if it's not on fire, and request her next assignment be a tea party where she will be a lot safer..

Liberals are friggin idiots...


  1. Reminds of the old saw: "A conservative is a liberal who's been mugged."

  2. Is there anyone in politics today who is as true to their own personality, spirit, or character as Sarah Palin-----she is "BONA FIDE" and believes in exactly what she claims----even after her perilous journey through the dying-stream-media's attacks, she remains trustworthy and faithful to her ideals---her character is genuine---not counterfeited and adulterated as Obama The Fraud----her stock is rising as Obama's popularity decline continues to drop.