Friday, November 6, 2009

HOW DUMB DO THEY FEEL NOW? Obama Victory Celebration Last Year. Supporter Waves Communist Flag; 'Dumb Rich White Kids'

Look at these morons in the video. They're probably saying, 'Yeaaa!!!! Obama won! I have apologized for many years of oppression by casting my vote for a black (white) liberal who has put me $400,000 in debt to the government and will kill every job opportunity I will ever have when I finally graduate college! Yes we can!'

We would like to dedicate this video to our one year anniversary of 'Idiots4Obama.Com'

How dumb do they feel now? One year later, some of these idiots are still 'stuck on stupid,' in denial, or just don't really care yet because they haven't felt the pain....yet. It's coming, don't worry...

As for the loser with the communist flag, it's a shame he/she was able to cancel out the vote of an informed, patriotic, hard working vet of retired senior. A real American. This last election should be reason enough to raise the voting age to 25.

If they can play with the driving age, the drinking age and the age of consent, we should be able to to change the voting age so that millions of morons do not have the opportunity to vote for a Marxist con artist and disgrace, to serve as President of the United States of America.

These losers will pay. There's not really anything they can do about it. All that kool-aid with vodka these kids were drinking just cost them a painful generation where they will never get ahead. (Unless they become a liberal politician and steal the taxpayers money for their own benefit) With unemployment rising faster than the deficit, these kids will be lucky to get a job flipping burgers with their worthless master degrees. Unless it's in 'philosophy' or 'lesbian studies,' where you might be able to get a show at MSNBC. How's that 'hope and change' working out for ya?

We hope that 'white guilt' and your hippie professors advice was worth it. lol

'Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can!' LMAO


  1. You are sooooo on it, wish you could set this so I can share each wonderful tidbit on your site individually, they are great!!

  2. um, set what? you can share this with anyone? confused...

  3. Lenin had it right USEFUL IDIOTS

  4. I agree with Anonymous------the only thing missing from this breathtaking site is a forum---it would create a marketplace for like minded individuals that would blow away other internet addresses---if this site adapted a forum it would increase its traffic ten-fold---if the moderator deems it a bad idea could you explain the main reason why.