Friday, November 20, 2009

IT'S OVER: A failed presidency is now unavoidable.

Monty Pelerin

For the past couple of months I have worried about the risks of a failed presidency. No one should want this, regardless of party affiliation. It is harmful and dangerous to our economy and country. However, it appears obvious to me that the royal regime known as Obama has ended.

Seth Leibsohn writing in the National Review summarized it this way:

"This is reminiscent of the Jimmy Carter years - the last time the U.S. was seen as weak - unable to move and coax other countries, unable to reassure dependent allies, unable to have the respect of the world and, of course, unable to move the mullocracy of Iran."

Even the liberal media are beginning to question the effectiveness of the President. The media, in full Camelot mode, are slow to react and often lag what the populace started to recognize months ago. Quotes like these, however, suggest they are not far behind.

The NYT reports: "China held firm against most American demands. With China's micro-management of Mr. Obama's appearances in the country, the trip did more to showcase China's ability to push back against outside pressure than it did to advance the main issues on Mr. Obama's agenda, analysts said."

The Washington Post: "If there was any significant change during this trip, in fact, it was in the United States' newly conciliatory and sometimes laudatory tone. . . . Obama's trip stood in stark contrast to visits by his predecessors."

The Times stated that Obama was given "less respect than was given presidents Bush or Clinton."

All of the above quotes can be found in this highly recommended post by Seth Leibsohn. He concluded his piece:

"Not a very good first year for America, or the world, under a new leadership that promised a new respect, a new start, and a new way of doing business. It's new alright - it just isn't any good."

We have a failed presidency that cannot be retrieved. The dream cannot be rebuilt because there was never a foundation to begin with. It was all show and no substance. Yes, it created much excitement and (false) hope. But so did Elmer Gantry and James Jones. However, the image was akin to an old Hollywood set, all facade and no depth. Now the winds of reality are slowly and inexorably tearing the facade away.

The politicians in Congress see these same signs and read the polls. At this point they are trying to decide what is least dangerous for their individual careers. For the Republicans that probably means pouring gasoline on Obama's burning ship of state. For the Democrats, it is a more difficult problem. Ultimately, I believe they will abandon ship. Politicians of both parties are like rats; they are survivors. All politicians will take that course which they believe gives them the best chance for individual survival. Loyalty be damned.

Hang on, this will be a rough period ahead.


  1. This article is 100 per-cent correct, albeit it's about 3 month's to late in reading the tea leaves. Even before the elections early this month, that saw the 2 Republicans successfully winning the governor's race's, the reverential awe for Obama has been replaced with an alarm and an unpleasant emotion among the democrats, that their leader is hollow and lacking in substance and his effect of force had become muted, toned down even amongst his most ardent defenders.

    As the month's unfold and less and less of the lame-stream -media shild and protects their former electric wire that has lost his juice, you will see a voluntary sacrifice of cargo to lighten a ship's load in time of distress. The media built him up, they made him what he wasn't, their socialist intellectual guide let them down and they will start tearing him down.
    Just be patient all this will come to pass.

    They warn, never use a knife aganist a man with a gun, but if the bullets in the gun are already spent then the knife will inflict more damage-----------we the American people will show next year just how dangerous we are with our votes. The tide has been changing for a while, it's just taken most people a little longer to catch on to the demise of the Imposter in the White House.

  2. While American people were slow to arouse, they have come around to the fact that their futures, incomes and upward mobility have been unobtrusively, gradually and unexpectedly been appropiated by the globealization elites and their globalized one-way trading system. The corporate "CREAM" like Wall Street and the CEO'S are rewarded with "BONUSES", its layoffs for everyone else.

  3. Success today in a game of inches:

  4. Success my ass. Did you see that chart? Did you see what's in the bill? Watching CNN you won't. Fox took that bill apart as did others and exposed it for what it really is; a joke. A disaster and you need to get your head out of your ass. There's going to be a time, and I am 100% sure of this, where liberals all across America are going to be assaulted on a daily basis for the damage their doing to this country. They better stop this crap.

  5. "There's going to be a time, and I am 100% sure of this, where liberals all across America are going to be assaulted on a daily basis"

    That reads like a threat. Who are you? What do you mean by that? Is that what conservatives are about?

    Maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

  6. No, it's a promise. I really believe that. Do I wish it wasn't so? Of course. But remember, liberals are idiots, you got that?...It isn't conservatives or libertarians who are spending 2 trillion dollars in stimulus..and bailout..It's not conservatives trying to pass universal health care , tax payer funded abortions, back-door gun laws, and cap and trade, indoctrinating our kids in public schools, raising taxes on small businesses, and the middle class, amnesty and free health care for illegal aliens and making campaign promises and then lying breaking them. It's not conservatives who are making a joke out of our country by weakening it, giving civilian trials to scumbag terrorists and apologizing to the world for our GREATNESS! It's not conservatives who are being busted left and right lately for corruption and deception and tax evasion, it's not republicans who stack their czars with admitted socialist's , communists and anti-American, anti-White diversity czars who are trying to kill any freedom of speech that is in opposition of our community organizer in chief, So YES, it's going to happen. So fuckoff loser..

  7. Another angry little white guy scared of losing his power. Watching his little world fall in around him. Lashing out.

    Stone blinded by hate and lovin' it, aren't you, Teabagger?

  8. Socialism---making life miserable around the world since 1827.

    Tolerance for incompetence---will always prove to be a failure---liberal scum will never change because they can't change---liberalism is a mental disease that is a detrimental to normal hard working, tax paying Americans.

    Everybody loses if government run health care passes. The liberal rubber stamping scum just don't get it--if you think the government takes to much money from your paycheck now, just wait until they start deducting even more money from your shrinking net pay, to pay, for this monstrosity---worse health care at a higher cost.

    The politicians, both democrat and Republican are "BUILDING A FINANCIAL ARK" and the only one's who have boarding privileges are the ruling elite---everyone else has to deal with the rising tide of DEBT and the waves of taxation that will keep the ARK afloat.

    The policy makers are utilizing skillfully the economic crisis of our time to advance a globalist ideological plan to subvert American sovereignty.

    Cancer must be removed before it spreads and destroy's the body. The day is coming when the liberals will have to be removed before they destroy our country.

  9. I can guarantee that 'anonymous' is a little white liberal keyboard gangster sitting in his mother basement trying to tell us black folk that if we don't supoort Obama, we're self-loathing teabaggers. You are the kind of liberal progressive that I like to punch in the mouth at Obama rallys, like I did in Philadelphia last year, for telling me 'I should' be an Obama supporter. I wish more white people had the balls to go around and assault white liberal Obama voters, I'm all for it. I grew up in the ghetto and it was liberal-democrat policies that destroy our community. Our schools, planned parenthoods, drug treatment centers, food stamps, welfare, unemployment and our culture. I love how white liberals try to tell someone like me that conservatism is bad when it's what got me to where I am at today and it's what the black community needs. Time for talk is over, I'm down with the beat down and I'm also tired of liberals calling white and black conservatives 'tea baggers' (I'm black and went to a NJ, PA, NYC and DC tea party because I care about the country I served) and other insults. I punched a 'radical' in the mouth in Media PA at a Palin rally and I'l do it again if I see any offensive, anti-American signs or pro-Obama supporters. They don't know shit. I will participate in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I believe most white don't have the guts to show up and do it. Most conservatives are civilized and act accordingly, not this one...

  10. By the way, us 'real black men' from the hood know Obama is a phony. He is a white, liberal, radical, no different than Pelosi or Boxer. He is corny, soft and weak. His con game is so obvious and he would NEVER make it one day in west philly. He couldn't relate. So quit with the 'black Colmbia-Harvard- Occidental punk' from Hawaii- please.....Obama is bad for the rich, poor and middle class. (Outside of WALL STREET who are in the pockers of Barack BIG TIME- Damn hypocrite liberals)

  11. You've been swaggering ever since you made the cover of Internet Tough Guy

  12. I surmize that all normal people would be on board to eliminate lice and fleas and bloodsucking hemiperous bugs. Well these insects are creeping all over Washington. These bedbugs and cockroach's are of the obnoxious kind----they are to put it bluntly, economic pests---these impractical germs are absurdly fond and infatuated with your money and are hellbent on possessing it----if they are not stopped the normal functioning of this country will pass out of existence--------------the time is not coming, it is already here, to fumigate this plague by "ANY MEANS POSSIBLE"