Monday, November 23, 2009

THE MIND OF A DUMB-A-CRAT: 'We have to do something about health care, so let's pass a SHITTY BILL most Americans DON'T want.'

They know 52% of the U.S population are pretty dumbed-down, especially when it comes to politics. Don't let them fool you....

'We have to pass something.' The qualifications for a 'democratic strategist' are that you must be able to read talking points on every news network you appear on. That's're hired..The same goes for an MSNBC anchor. It amazes us that there are SOME people who actually believe a progressive lesbian liberal with a philosophy degree and a failed angry sportscaster, over physicians when it comes to health care!

Every response to criticism of the bill seems to be, 'well, we have to do something.'

It seems that no matter what the bill has in it, these democrats just want to pass something. How dumb is that?!? Even if the bill has a 25% income tax hike for everyone, rationing for seniors, no mammograms for women until they're 50 years old, free health care for career welfare recipients and illegal immigrants, penalties and jail time for small businesses, and the final cost is only 458 gazillion dollars.

The typical democrats response to this bill will be the same; "BUT WE NEED TO PASS SOMETHING! It can't wait, or millions of people will die in the streets! Don't worry, the bill will really cut the deficit by 2018 and everyone will be happy! Yaaay!" (Idiots applaud.)

This is political suicide. This bill is garbage. We all KNOW that health care reform is needed, but don't make it 20 times WORSE than it already is; how dumb is that?'

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NOTE- As polls show Obamacare approval shrinking faster than Obama's own approval rating, CNN is 'making up' their own poll and according to CNN, just over 50% agree with Obamacare. Only an idiot would believe a CNN or NBC poll.

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  1. how many liberal leaders does it take to pass a bill that makes sense none they pass by pulling each others fingers and blame the out come on the past administration