Tuesday, November 17, 2009

OBAMA CORRUPTION AND MORE GENERATIONAL THEFT: $6.4 billion in Porkulus money spent in phantom districts?

This is what happens when you put an incompetent, inexperienced, radical, dishonest, ACORN pimp and community organizer in charge of the United States of America.

Story from HotAir

Earlier this morning, Sammy Benoit asked me how it felt to live in a much larger Minnesota, with new Congressional districts popping up all over. Any thrill of getting extra representation in Congress got muted by the fact that the Obama administration apparently added more phantom Congressional districts (440) than actually exist now (435), and that they somehow showed $6.4 billion in Porkulus money going to these nonexistent districts. Watchdog.org has tracked down the massive failure to check data at Recovery.gov, the reporting arm of Porkulus for the White House:

Just how big is the stimulus package? Well for one, it has doubled the size of the House of Representatives, according to recovery.gov, which says that funds were distributed to 440 congressional districts that do not exist.

According to data retrieved from recovery.gov, nearly $6.4 billion was used to “create or save” just under 30,000 jobs in these phantom congressional districts–almost $225,000 per job. The web site operates on an $84 million budget and is tasked with monitoring the distribution of the $787 billion stimulus package passed by Congress–which, for the record, counts 435 members–in early 2009.

The site’s monitors, however, are not too savvy about America’s political or geographic landscape. More than $2 million was given to the 99th District of North Dakota, a state which has only one congressional district. In order to qualify for 99 districts, North Dakota would have to have a population of about 60 million people, almost 24 million more people than California. READ MORE...

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  1. About those phony congressional districts that are getting lots of money---let's be honest, they'll be voting 3 times each---now that they are getting money and voting, they are qualified to participate and get free-health care---they are as much US citizens as illegal aliens---Obama