Thursday, November 26, 2009

Record Deficit, Record Unemployment, Record Parties. Obama Partying Like It's 1999..And Killing The U.S Economy In The Process..

The Obama's are throwing parties left and right while the country continues it's downword spiral (thanks to Obama and Pelosi) into a soon-to-be depression.

REAL Americans, you know, those tax paying, law abiding, hard working, PRODUCERS and GOOD people of society who actually CARE about this country, are going to Tea Parties that the taxpayers DON'T have to pay for. While trying to save YOUR ass, they're called nazi's, racist's, rednecks, teabaggers and terrorists by the losers on the left. Obama throws parties every week at the White House to celebrate his disastrous job performance with dumb celebrities, and the liberal media fawns all over him and his frumpy wife.

What's the next party theme going to be? The 'not guilty' verdict for terrorist KSM, more deaths in Afghanistan, Eric Holders 'victory for terrorists' party, celebrating the disaster care bill passing or honoring the Fort Hood terrorist shooter Nidal Hasan? We wouldn't be surprised if any of these really happened..thanks idiots.

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