Sunday, November 1, 2009

RINO SCOZZAFAZA HALTS CAMPAIGN. This Shows Moderates Are A Dying Breed. The Return Of Conservatism? UPDATE- 'SCUZZ-FAVA' ENDORSES DEMOCRAT!

'Waaahhhh,'another RINO flea bag goes down. Hopefully, the same will happen with Collins, Graham and Snowe. Doesn’t this prove the point conservatives had been making about Dede Scozzafava all along?

This 'libb-looking' RINO is a disgrace to the republican party and now she's going to endorse the democrat out of anger because a true conservative beat her. Sore loser? Hey Scuzz, 'you were always a democrat anyway.'

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Haayyyaayyy, Goooood Bye!!

Lifelong Republican throws support to Democrat Owens

Scozzafava endorses Democrat in NY-23


  1. The limp wristed panties wearer Frank Rich whines in the New York Times: The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York

  2. The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York

    "The battle for upstate New York confirms just how swiftly the right has devolved into a wacky, paranoid cult that is as eager to eat its own as it is to destroy Obama. The movement’s undisputed leaders, Palin and Beck, neither of whom has what Palin once called the “actual responsibilities” of public office, would gladly see the Republican Party die on the cross of right-wing ideological purity. Over the short term, at least, their wish could come true."

  3. Sounds like a sissy is worried, threatened? That true conservatives are ridding the RINO scum while the democrat lap dogs are backing their corrupt members of congress, letting their president lie and break campaign promises and WHAT party is destroying itself? At least the Republican party is trying to go back to 'conservatism' while your filthy pig party of corrupt, incompetent lying thieves just welcome and congradulate people like Rangel and Pelosi. Let me ask you something, 'how the fuck did you get so stupid?' How? It's amazing just how dumb you are. And listening to frank the skank from the NY times! You're really dumb. How about you take financial advice from Krugman too you moron...

  4. Nick, Nick:

    Why be so vulgar? We're all Americans, here. Living normal lives. Why the anger?

    Did you read the Rich piece?

    Can you say "carpetbagger opportunist?

    "Who exactly is the third-party maverick arousing such ardor? Hoffman doesn’t even live in the district. When he appeared before the editorial board of The Watertown Daily Times 10 days ago, he “showed no grasp” of local issues, as the subsequent editorial put it. Hoffman complained that he should have received the questions in advance — blissfully unaware that they had been asked by the paper in an editorial on the morning of his visit."

    He doesn't mind taking federal largess, either:

    "Last week it turned out that Hoffman’s prime attribute to the radical right — as a take-no-prisoners fiscal conservative — was bogus. In fact he’s on the finance committee of a hospital that happily helped itself to a $479,000 federal earmark."

    One parting shot from the New Yorker.

    "To the uninitiated, the tea party crowd comes across like the barflies in “Star Wars.”'

  5. GOOD, Im glad he doesn't live in the district (You think Obama and Pelosi can relate to rural Pa and miswestern folks? NO!)

    I am happy for the PEOPLE not Hoffman, as the scumbag media is trying to make it seem that conservatives are 'far right' when they are not and that moderates is the place to be (democrat lite) because they know conservatives are what most Americans consider themselves. So voters choosing Hoffman sends a message. Why don't you focus your criticism to scumbags like Obama and Corzine who are trying to steal the election from that RINO Christie (remember a RINO is 100 times better than a libb)

    I just think you're an idiot. Anger, maybe...knowing there's so many idiots like you who just dont get it...causes

    Im sure what Hoffman did acceoting an earmark is NOTHING compared to what Obama and Michelle did at Univ. of Chicago hospital. Why doesn't that bother you morons?

    If it was up to me, I would take every LIBERAL voter and give them a one way ticket to any socialist country or communist country they wanted on tax payers money as long as they NEVER return..

    The New Yorker? I notice you're reading biased liberal magaizines. Dont you feel like a pussy knowing some typewriter gangster is conning you? I would be insulted. Do you have a spine? Balls? What's wrong people. Opinion articles and probably watch and believe NBC! Get a life dude, I am way too informed and smart and do my research. I suggest you do the same and man up for your grand parents that built and defended this country for these young, whiny, sissy libbs to destroy..

  6. All this site runs are opinion pieces. If you only read or consume media you agree with, how does that make you so informed, Nick? You see, I don't need to call people names and run them down simply because I don't agree with them. I frankly, think that's a sign of weakness.

  7. are you smokin crack homo? (yes, another name you deserve. not weakness, but because it gets under your skin. democrats have a lot of nerve 'name calling' since its all you people seem to do so well)

    This is FAR from an Opinion site. The reason I come to this site every single day is because it provides FACTS- video evidence, copies of bills from govt websites, audio, interviews all UNDISPUTED by you leftist because you can't dispute any of it. Opinion????? Wow, you're dumber than I thought.

    I visit here, and and foxnation because they provide facts, not 'opinions only.' You must be talking about the HUff Po and the Daily Cos, CNN NBC know..ALL THOSE ORGANIZATIONS WHO HAD TO APOLOGIZE TO RUSH FOR MAKING STATEMENTS RUSH NEVER SAID...yes..thise ones!!! Loser....

    Now..I see you visit this website a lot. It must hurt knowing you're the same 'idiots' they speak of. Now, how do you deal w.that? Don't admit your wrong, just attack me because I'm smarter than you, that's really good....

    Just look at the top article about the NEA - you do know what that stand for right? That book is the last thing KIDS should be reading and the FIRST thing you idiot adults who voted for Obama should be reading to see how you were conned and are now idiots. That's an opinion piece? Funny..cuz it links to and the evidence is there..

    You're dumb as shit dude..

  8. by the way, spend 45 min on the Biased Media page on this site...How about NBC making a black man look white by cropping the video at a town hall protest cuz he had a gun. What about ANYTHING in the NY times or Axelrods son writing for HUFF POST or Chris Matthews admitting on Bill Maher he was a leftist despite claiming he's objective!!! are so brainwashed..Get outta here.

  9. This site, not only rocks because it is hard hitting and accurate in it's analysis, but it attracts comedians also.
    Anonymous---thanks for providing some laughs---I guess you can't smell the coffee because you have congestion of the brain.

    The despair is lifting---this country once again is self-regenerating---by tomorrow night 3 liberals will bite the dust---(book it)---this will only be an appetizer for what 2010 holds for the enemies (democrats) of this country---the main meal is the restoration of politicians who hold our constitution dear and have hard core conservative convictions---the moderate wishy washy Rhino's days are numbered also.

    The difference this time aroud compared to the middle 90's is that thanks to Fascist Obama---the American people have removed the vale from their psyche and are now fully engaged and will only back politicians that (mean what they say and say what they mean)---thank you Glen Beck for that line.

  10. I'm supposed to be hurt because some guy on the Internet who calls himself Nick called me an idiot and uncorks on some incoherent multi-directional rant, shouting in print, with no point whatsoever?

    You don't agree with me politically?--you must be gay. Great argument, Nick, fiendishly clever. Yeah, you'll show us how smart you are....

  11. I salute 3rd party candidates, they keep the others honest. A self-styled 'true conservative' won't usually lose a race because of 3rd party "interference" but because s/he AIN'T a 'true conservative'. The Libertarian Party would better serve politics by bringing their ideas INTO the Republican Party (e.g. Ron Paul) instead of pissing outside the tent.

  12. You think Obama and Pelosi can relate to rural Pa and miswestern (sp) folks? NO!"

    I don't know about Pelosi, but they haven't moved Chicago from the Midwest, yet. How long has Obama lived there?

  13. libertarians, the one's who are not loco, are good candidates, but you can't expect to just jump right to congress immediately. you need to start in smaller office and work your way up and I think it would be a lot better. Can you imagine conservative and libertarians running the country? Even if they disagree, it can't be that bad. The liberals-democrats gone makes it good for everyone. Fags can get married so they will be done whining, more people will prosper, more people will work and we will all take home more in our paycheck. Less crime, better schools, lower taxes, better health care..IM ALL FOR IT! Get rid of the fed, the board of education..fuckyea! BUT- we have to make a law banning democrats from ever running for office. They have done enough damage. Republican RINOS too...

    By the way, Obama isn't from Chicago. Read his life story bright one, he's from Hawaii, Kenya, Indonesia, Mass, Cali, NY where he attended college and learned his radical skills. He only moved to Chicago on the advice of Bill Ayers, who yes, paved the way for him to run for Senate seat. He attended trinity to get votes and study further his belief in Marxism, which is rooted in Black Liberation Theology. He couldn't relate to people in the midwest or blacks in Chicago if you trained him like he trained ACORN workers. It's just not in him. He's a white-elitist-liberal period.
    Can you imagine Obama on the streets of Detroit of Newark? He would get his ass kicked constantly for being smart...and a nerd..NO it's not right, but thats the way it is in the hood. It aint my fault. LOL

    So yes, Obama Can NOT relate to Midwesterners.

    If I grew up in Beverly Hills Cali and at the age of 28 I moved to Philadlphia, at 29-40 etc...I couldn't relate to Philadelphians. Especially if I am only there to start my political career.

    Obama couldn't even pronounce the name of Kamisky field you retard.

    And yes Mr're gay..a sissy..who despises facts..rational thought, common sense.didn't I tell you to go away?

  14. The tea party movement and a real live conservative party awakening will eliminate "like removing a tumor" the passing infatuation with the Obama mystique and will supercede the Obama malaise with a code of conduct that obeys the laws instead of breaking them----