Saturday, November 21, 2009

SICKENING: Health Care Bill Clears Senate Hurdle. One More Step Closer To Destroying Your Freedom , Further Bankrupting America And Worse Health Care

One step closer to having the government running and ruining our nations health care system. You think it's bad now? This will hands down be the biggest mistake America has ever made and there will be no way to reverse it. This is sickening..

By invoking the name of the deceased, disgraceful and hypocritical elitist Senator Ted Kennedy, who used his families money to beat a manslaughter charge when he left a young girl to drown to death in his car, the Democrats united Saturday night to push for disastrous health care legislation past a key Senate hurdle over the opposition of Republicans who know just how dangerous this bill is. It's full of corruption and deception. The 60-39 vote cleared the way for debate. We suggest people start lighting up the phone lines of their local Senators ASAP and don't stop until this disgusting 2000 page bill is buried right next to Ted Kennedy. We're not kidding either, it's a great place to bury it. Story and updates from HotAir below.


Stressing that her yes vote today in no way guarantees a yes on cloture next time, Landrieu says she’s ready to proceed. All eyes on Lincoln now. The Louisiana purchase worked.

Lincoln caves in at 2:30, whining about Republican opposition to any type of reform and demanding at least a debate on how to improve U.S. health care. As I write this, she’s patting herself on the back for resisting both the right and “liberal special interest groups,” but emphasizes that she won’t vote for the Reid bill until the public option is dropped.

And that’s that. 60-39, promptly at 8 p.m. Next cloture vote, if and when it happens next month or next year, is Armageddon. A hopeful note on a dark night: “It really was that hard for them to get to 60 just to proceed. Very telling.” READ MORE...

One Step Closer To Having Anti-American Liberal Progressive Statist's Controlling Your Life And America's Economy. Why In The World Do People Vote Democrat?!? Mark Our Words, There Is NO Way This Will Even Be Close To Anything Other Than A Disaster, And A Major Collapse Of The United States. This Is A Nightmare!


  1. In a aad, sinister way, if collapse is unavoidable, then so be it. If the only way to take back America is with arms then so be it. The taxocraps have been piling legislative atrocity after atrocity on the backs of the middle class (the very [stupid] rich and very poor both vote taxocrat). If the edifice is going to collapse anyway maybe it's not worth saving in its present form. The idiots, I suspect, will never understand what caused the crash. Their only choice will be to get out of the way or die.

  2. They'll blame Bush with their very last breath. Blaming Bush is tantamount to absolution for these Idiots.

  3. Brother Anonymous-----your post is distinguished by an unusual mental keenness---its a GEM.