Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IS THE STREAK OVER? We Haven't Been Attacked Since 9-11; Until Now? Is Ft. Hood Our First 'Terrorist Attack' Under Obama? How Did Hasan Get Promoted?

If there's one thing that President George W. Bush did well, it was that he did do his best to make sure another terrorist attack wouldn't happen on U.S soil. We WILL give him that.

When Obama took office in January, people were worried that his 'softness' on terrorism would make us vulnerable to more attacks. Is this the first one? Obama's administration is going after the CIA and protecting terrorists. They won't even use the word 'terrorism.' Our President is so naive, he's sucking up to the Muslim world, apologizing for America and lying to the American people every time his teleprompter gets plugged in...

George W. Bush kept us safe and just 9 months after Obama took over, a Muslim soldier and an Islamic Jihadist plans an attack and shoots over 40 U.S soldiers. Is this our 1st attack? Let us know what you think...(Great Video Below- How did Hasan get moved up through the ranks?)

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  1. There's been a whole bunch of islamic attacks on US soil since 9/11. It's just that they always get spun by the media as something else.