Friday, November 13, 2009

HOW CLASSY: Video: MSNBC uses faked photos to goof on Palin, of course. MSNBC has become 'disgusting, dishonest and unprofessional.'

The images of her in the black miniskirt and the American-flag bikini started floating around the ‘Net mere days after she joined the ticket last year and were debunked almost immediately, which means either (a) MSNBC knowingly chose to air doctored images to smear her or (b) “The Place for Politics” can’t recognize a notorious 12-month-old photoshop of last year’s VP nominee when it sees one. Given the intense scrutiny of the media’s reporting on her by conservatives, you’d think mainstream lefty news outfits would refrain from obvious smear jobs that’ll be exposed instantly in favor of more subtle misreporting that might slip through the cracks. Not so. But then, this is a guy who told his audience last month that Republicans wouldn’t mind seeing half the country die in order to take down Obama. Good work all around, guys. Nothing says “progressive” like a prominent woman politician photoshopped into various states of undress.

It’s not only lefties who are coming after her today. Check this out. Someone sounds jealous…

As for those angry hypocritical obese and hideous liberal women from NOWW (National Organization of Worthless Women) we have a great diet for you; picture Hillary 'Kankles' Clinton, Nancy 'Stretch' Pelosi and Joy 'Yenta' Baher in a G-string and Barney Frank in a diaper on his hands and knees biting a pillow as know...(VOMIT)

Palin, Bachmann and Prejean are very nice people who just happen to be attractive and 'RIGHT.' Therefore disgusting liberals attack them...MSNBC is a joke anymore.


  1. The fat pig is soooo jealous of Palin, insecure and a miserable angry fat cow, like Joy Baher, which = LIBERAL. The guy is probably gay and hates Palin because she doesn't believe in him putting his ding dong in another mans hairy is soooo bad....This is a real network? Embarrassment is what it is. I look at a woman who started like most of America, middle class who took it upon herself and without millions of dollars or a husbands coatails, she started from the bottom and rised to the top where she did a GREAT job as mayor and governor. What the media did to her was a hate crime and are all disguting pigs who should all jump off a bridge with no water underneath. All of the rumors spread were false. The library, troopergate, affair, clothing...and liberals are stupid enough to believe Levi..When someone tells me there a liberal, I think, 'wow, you're admitting that you're a stupid mother you know what.' What CUNTessa Brewers problem? Is she jealous that conservative women are smarter and prettier than her?

  2. The taxocrats have the gaul to say Palin is unqualified, yet look at the purple-lipped marxist buffoon libtards DO think is qualified. Affirmative action fraudsident. PALIN/PAUL 2012.

  3. Looks like I missed the video, it's no longer available.

  4. new video up. of course the sneaky, deceptive MSNBC took it down.