Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WOW! Lt. Col. Ralph Peters "Offended" By Obama Ft. Hood Speech, Slams George Casey. You Go Ralph!

Fox News' Lt. Col. Ralph Peters tells Bill O'Reilly that while he was "moved" by President Obama's service for the Fort Hood victims - even though he admitted that it appeared to be "boilerplate" and "clearly written by speechwriters that never served in the military" - he's "offended" that Obama said it was "hard to comprehend" that it was "an act of an Islamic terrorist."

"It's clear that the problem is Islam." He's also baffled that there was no reference to "terrorism" in the speech, and doesn't think Obama has the guts to admit that it was "an act of terrorism."

Peters also took a parting shot at General George Casey, who said the Fort Hood attack was "a kick in the gut." "Good God, he needs to stop talking about diversity" and "spend more time thinking about the soldiers that died or were wounded at Fort Hood... At some point, you just need to knock off the B.S."

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