Thursday, December 3, 2009

‘Absolute Tragedy’: Bill Ayers Demonstrates Against Obama’s Afghanistan Plan? VIDEO

He's still a scumbag and Obama's still an incompetent Marxist. Bill and his wife should be in prison. Hopefully, someday down the road they can be recharged with their crimes, sent to prison, and then they can stop indoctrinating our kids at Universities.


  1. Oh no, say it isn't so!!! Fracture in the Marxist ranks. No more kumbayah between two guys who just happen to live in the same neighborhood.

  2. There's no "recharging" in the United States.

    "DOUBLE JEOPARDY - Being tried twice for the same offense; prohibited by the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

  3. Actually, you can recharge someone with a different but similar crime. If you're found not guilty of murder, you can charge them down the road with manslaughter or you can charge them in a civil suit and bankrupt them...

    So your double jeopardy comment was Obvious and I'm sure that the writer probably didn't mean the same offense. There's many other offenses similar to what AYers and Dorhn did and they should be retried and punished. it doesn't matter that they are law abiding citizens now.

    If I killed your mother 25 years ago and lead a perfect life up til then after I beat the rap because the officer didnt read me my rights, Im sure you would still want me punished for it..or if you're a liberal, you would prob sympathize

  4. Anonymous is right. Think John Gotti, jr: Tried four times (and acquitted four times).