Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ANOTHER OBAMA LIE: Democrat Thuggery, 'Whatever It Takes.' Chicago Politics, Behind Closed Door Meetings With No Opposition And No CSPAN? VIDEO

President Obama and democratic Senators meet behind closed doors and without republicans to twist arms and figure out how to better con American on 'disastercare.' Didn't Obama promise these meetings would be open, transparent, bi-partisan and be televised on CSPAN for all Americans to see? Yes, he did. Reason 1549 Obama supporters are idiots. UPDATE- Obama 'bullshits' a woman who questions his 'transparency' and campaign promises...see video below.

"Um, uhhh, uh, I'll find out and have an answer for you, uh, uh, uh."

Something tells me this lady will NEVER hear from Obama again. What a 'stuttering' bullshitter. How do these current 'Obama zombies' so easily fall for the horse shit that comes out of the mouth of this community organizing con artist? It's amazing!


The Democrats will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Nancy Pelosi said that they will do whatever they have to in order to get health care reform passed. The Senate is locked in a battle over their, as yet unwritten (but debated in secret) bill and each new change causes a gained vote at the loss of another. So what do the Democrats do in order to get what they want?

Well, when Lieberman was not on board they went after his wife. A blogger/Hollywood type by the name of Jane Hamsher started the attack on Lieberman’s wife Hadassah who is the global ambassador for the Susan G Komen for the Cure breast cancer group. Hamsher is trying to get her fellow Hollywood types to put pressure on the organization to get rid of Mrs. Lieberman.

This is Chicago politics at its best (though Hamsher probably learned her thuggery from SEIU). To be fair it is not the Democrats in Congress doing this but the Democrats in the field. To giver further credit, The Daily Kos thought it was over the top and if they think so, it must be because they are really out there.

Hamsher is a liberal activist who thinks it is perfectly OK to go after the family of politicians with whom she disagrees. This is not unusual for the left. Look at how they went after Palin’s family while leaving Obama’s alone. Imagine how Hamsher would react if people tried to inflict some personal (not physical) harm on Obama’s kids because of his actions. I imagine she would be pretty upset, and rightly so. But she seems to think it is OK to attack Mrs. Lieberman because of her husband’s political acts. The Komen for the Cure group does a lot of great work in the area of breast cancer and it raises a lot of money. Hadassah Lieberman is a cancer survivor as is Hamsher who had breast cancer. One would think that this yenta could leave the politics out of such a worthy pursuit. READ MORE...

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