Monday, December 28, 2009

BOLD INSULT? DC Mayor Fenty to sign same-sex marriage bill at church in NW D.C. Black community outraged..

'Yaaaayyyyyy... It'sss Party Time!"

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will sign legislation Friday to legalize same-sex marriage in the District at a bill-signing ceremony so historic that his staff scrambled to find the perfect location Thursday.

Would it be All Souls Unitarian Church, a Northwest house of worship known for its diversity, liberalism and welcoming of same-sex couples? Would it be Covenant Baptist Church, a predominantly black church in Southwest where husband-and-wife team of Dennis and Christine Wiley serve as co-pastors and support gay marriage? Or would it be a secular site? READ MORE...

NOTE- We're glad that bankrupt DC has their priorities straight. With all of the crime, poverty, slums, ghettos, failing public schools and a high black population who is anti-gay marriage and pro-religion, the Mayor has the nerve to sign a gay marriage bill in a church. The DC mayor obviously knows he has a city full of 'dumb voters.' Good Video Below- Black caller on Savage talking about 'down low brothers' and the black conservative community against gay marriage..


  1. Kinda indifferent to the whole gay marriage thing. Coupla dudes wanna say some vows and call themselves married, hell, maybe they are.

    Interesting tidbit transpired today in the Twin Cities. Thoughts on gays here while not usually insightful for very fair, are nonetheless unleashed with a rather entertaining abandon:

    "Minneapolis assistant police Chief Sharon Lubinski has become the first openly gay U.S. marshal."

  2. what woman cop isn't gay? not only are woman cops totally useless and dangerous, they're a waste of money. they only hire them because they have to. they luckily rely on other men to do the job in the end.

    as for these muff divers, i could care a less what they do in their bedroom, or on cinemax where i love watching two hot chix make out.

    but marriage ? they shouldnt have that title. as a straight man, i can't call myself a gay or a lesbian because I'm not. I am not going to try to change the definition of that word as they shouldnt try to change 'man and woman' def. of marriage.

    I don't like libertarians because they agree with gay marriage and multi-culturism-

    Other than that, I might be one..but Im not gona try and change the definition of libertarian either!

  3. Haven't encountered women police too much, so I can't speak to that claim on their competence or sexual preference. I imagine a few can do the job. It's not like there are no male cops who screw up from time to time.

    If you're paying for Cinemax for the lesbian sex, you could find a cheaper source.