Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celeb-u-tards to Kids: America Stinks! '55 Rich White Men Drafted Constitution to Protect Their Class – Slaveholders' Dumb Celebs Sink to a New Low...

Hollywood celebrities and education gurus have teamed together to distribute to schools across the country a dramatic new curriculum that casts American history as an epic march of victims seeking to shrug off the shackles of the warmongering, racist, capitalist, imperialist United States.

The History Channel's airing of the "The People Speak" last night marks the public coming-out party of a movement that has been in place since last year to teach America's school children a "social justice" brand of history that rails against war, oppression, capitalism and popular patriotism.

The television special featuring performances by Matt Damon, Benjamin Bratt, Marisa Tomei, Don Cheadle, Bruce Springsteen and others condemns the nation's past of oppression by the wealthy, powerful and imperialist and instead trumpets the voices of America's labor unions, minorities and protesters of various stripes.

The accompanying curriculum guide for schools that show "The People Speak" in classrooms, for example, highlights an 1852 reading from abolitionist Frederick Douglass: READ MORE...

OUR THOUGHTS- Since this type of indoctrination is an example of 'child abuse,' any father of a child who is forced to learn this curriculum (lie) has every right to seek out these sniveling sissy hypocrites like Bruce Springsteen and Matt Damon, and beat the shit out of them. Mothers have every right to 'bitchslap' the liberal vermin like Marisa Tomei, who have intentions on harming their children.

YES, this is child abuse. All indoctrination and brainwashing of children with lies falls under child abuse so if parents want to smack the shit out of Matt Damon, so be it.

How dare these anti-American scumbag celebrity millionaires try to push these lies onto our children. Especially since they're demonizing the very same capitalism that allowed them to become so successful. These people are IDIOTS and MOST celebrities do NOT know anything about the constitution. They are only good at writing songs and reading scripts. People who are influenced by these politically deranged celebrities are 'dumb.' Most of these morons would still be waiting tables if they didn't get their 'lucky break.'

These celebrities should be boycotted by ALL patriotic Americans who know the TRUE history of this country and respect the greatest document EVER created- the U.S Constitution and understand why America is the greatest country on Earth!

Maybe someone could 'beat' some patriotism into some of these celebrities...and we hope every parent puts these 'communist thinking' celebrities on notice.


  1. right on brutha! they better not pull that crap in my kids school or we are going to have a serious problem.

  2. "Maybe someone could 'beat' some patriotism into some of these celebrities..."

    Yeah, maybe you. Your efforts might be featured on Entertainment Tonight. They'd dig into your background and find out about this engaging website.

    But first their security guards would turn you into a fig, Internet tough guy.

  3. Maybe if they get smacked, they will get the message because they're not getting it now. I agree: If my kids were subject to learning negative things about the constitution and that the founding fathers were bad people after everything I taught my son, I would be furious. Who are these people, who do not live in the real world and have their own constitution in their head, to try and change my kids view of the greatest document ever created? Even some on the left disagree with these people.

    I do believe it's child abuse. You don't need physical contact for that. Someone brainwashing your child with lies is in a way child abuse. I think the story line is sarcasm and frustration by parents who are tired of the lies being fed to their kids by the media and MTV and Al Gore on global warming and by influential celebs.

    People are getting tired of it. So maybe it's time to warn these people to keep their marxist beliefs and lies away from my kid....or else..

    It's not a threat..maybe the guy who commented above should direct his frustration at the actors and singers who are lying to our kids and damaging them. All this site does is post the facts and evidence to back it up, so whats your beef? Idiots4Obama tells it like it really is. Why are you defending these liars and not the constitutiona and capitalism?

  4. They were on the Mark Levin show a few months before and were volunteering to go to town halls to protect veterans and the elderly from SEIU and ACORN thugs and I believe they were MMA trainers and military veterans. I find that admirable and the guys I met at the DC tea party wouldn't turn into a 'fig' from anyone, so you might not want to be so judgemental mister liberal. I thought you guys hated judgemental people? Unless that is, you're doing it yourself. I hate liberals, because they're such hypocrites.

    Entertainment tonight? Let me know so I can watch! I hope more people come to this site and see the truth about what is really going on in the O admin and congress.

  5. "Someone brainwashing your child with lies is in a way child abuse."

    When they get home, the parents can brainwash them any way they want.

  6. awww..the angry liberal comment bitch is back. now he is attacking the writer. waahhhh. get him a tampon.

    stick up for the big bad hollywood dipshits who hide behind their security guards and shit on America while making millions in the country they hate. why don't they leave and take them with you homo.

  7. correction: why don't they leave and take you with them.

  8. i agree with parents also being able to brainwash kids and they are punished for it and should be. most parents do not do that. i remember two south jersey brainwashing their kids about hitler naming their kids after nazi's and they took the kids away and charged the parents. (of course if you're black and name your kid farrakhan, that won't happen-double standard)

    these actors are intentionally assisting in indoctrinating kids with lies for political reasons only and that is wrong. you can't argue that. it's wrong and I believe most fathers would want to punch or smack anyone who fills their heads with lies. adults are one thing, but when it comes to your child, it seems to be more of a severe punishment that is needed.

    I always say keep the government out of peoples bedrooms, now I'm saying keep celebrities out of the classrooms. Keep radicals out of the classrooms too. Simple right? I want my kid learning the correct history of America, not the lies liberals love to force upon our students so they too can grow up a bunch of dopes like Obama, Holdren, Pelosi and Van Jones. You can see how radical and dishonest they are because of indoctrination.

  9. I am in full support of anyone who is threatened with violence because the thug who is threatening them doesn't agree with them politically.

    What happened to "'I don't agree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death your right to say it?'"

    Bedrock American values, Nick. Maybe you need a refresher course in that.

  10. and I'm sure a pu**y like you would just 'disagree' with a man who puts his penis in a 5 yr old and rapes her for a few days and then buries her alive...which happens often in Florida for some reason. I see talking has done those repeat offenders well..

    liberals like you...scum, would see good in a man like that, right? Maybe you can 'talk it out.'

    Maybe the child predator that rapes the kid next door and tells him, 'if you tell your parents that I made you suck my ****, I will kill you and your parents' is just a man you disagree with. Maybe you should all sit down at the table and have a discussion; right pu*** boy?

    I still say keep those Bruce's and the Matt Damons aways from my kid. They are believers in Marxism. Why don't you get that simple concept retard? I don't want them anywhere near my kids classroom. They know what their doing is wrong so talk is cheap. Men in this country have become such cowards. There's nothing wrong with punching another man in the mouth for brainwashing your kid dude, how did you become such a sissy.

    We have breeded such wimps in the last 20 years in this country. Crybabie men who sue if they get slapped. 'Ouch! waahhh..Im gonna cry..waaahh...' or assume it's 'violence' if you smack a guy in the mouth for lying to your kid..you're a joke.

    Dude, seriously, get a pair. You're a whiny bitch.

    Bedrock values....how about these values...stop indoctrinating my kids or I will kick your ass..I have a feeling that would work better than shooting out an email dick.

  11. lol I totally agree! To a point, it's sometimes needed.

  12. "Mothers have every right to 'bitchslap' the liberal vermin like Marisa Tomei, who have intentions on harming their children. "

    I'll give you this, Nick, at least you seemed to stop short of slapping around women; even though you passed the duty on to Mom.

    Chivalry lives in your home, I guess.

  13. Thank you, whatever your name is...can I call you Dick? Good, it rhymes with my name.
    I'm glad you recognized that, Dick, in fact, I'm surprised a retard like you even picked up on that but you are right; even with my pizza stained wife beater on, I just don't hit women. But my wife can, and that's fine as long as there's good reason for it. She can slap Marisa and even make out with her, I'm still going to watch re-runs of 'My Cousin Vinny' reguardless.

    As for my home, it's run very well. Unlike you, I don't sit in my mothers basement blogging-commenting against what's right everyday.

    You see, I want the real honest news, which is why I visit this site, Hotair, Drudge and WND.com. I have my coffee, get informed, comment to Dick's like you and then I go to this thing you 'liberals in your moms basement types' aren't familiar with, 'work.' I go to work Dick...I protect and serve even liberal scum like you everyday when you call 911.

    I see no liberal, I see no progressive, I see no conservative...I just serve and protect pal. Putting my life on the line everydat even for progressive scum like you, and you're welcome.

    Gotta go champ..lock and load, ready to roll.

  14. Nick, you might want to add this one to your list: