Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'KING DOUCHEBAG' Howard Dean Declares Debate Between Capitalism and Socialism to Be Over

Is Howard Dean hanging out with former D.C Mayor Marion Barry? They must be smoking crack together.

Howard Dean was one of the BIGGEST MORONS in U.S history to run for President. Watch the famous 'scream' video below.

At the end of this video you can see the 'king douchebag' Howard Dean scream like a raging lunatic as he tries to rally the 154 people who actually wanted him to be President. He failed at his run for President MISERABLY. He's very dishonest and a nasty attack dog, usually making no sense when he opens his mouth.

Howard Dean is hands down the most OBNOXIOUS, ARROGANT democrat in the party earning him the name, 'King Douchebag.' (David Axelrod and George Soros are the biggest 'scumbags.')

BUT we did find the ONE time that Howard Dean opened his mouth and the truth came out instead of the usual pile of shit. (See Shocking Video Below)

This video alone should bury the democrats for 2010, 2012 and 2016...Dean did manage to forget that trial lawyers are HUGE donors to the democrat party (wonder why) as is Wall Street, Big Pharma and the biggest 'scumbag' in America, George Soros..


  1. "Howard Dean was one of the BIGGEST MORONS in U.S history to run for President."

    Takes the helm at the DNC (and initiates the 50-state strategy) and they take the House and Senate in 2006. Two years later they take the White House. What a blunderer. Crazy old Howard Dean had the last laugh.

    He didn't say the debate between Capitalism and Socialism is over, so that's a lie. I think Hannity said that too.

  2. Umm..if you LISTEN and COMPREHEND the video and PAY ATTENTION to what Dean said, and what the title is, Howard Dean IS pretty much saying the debate is over, as in Socialism should be mixed with Capitalism and there is NO debate that socialism is a total failure, will never work in America and at the end of the video he is saying we should move to the 'European' model (socialism). It would take someone with brains to figure this out Mr. Anonymous, so I don't expect much out of you to do that...you seem like a libbtard.

    As for 'taking the helm,' 1st, the democrats took over the house because of a poor war, and the presidency from a disgraceful biased media, even democrats will admit that. No credit to Howard Dean, the snotty rich pig who attended private prep schools (But opposes school vouchers) dodged the draft like a coward and has lied in attack ads accusing republicans of racism when none existed. That's what a shit bag does...

    Dean suffers from white guilt and is a self-loathing white man with anger issues. He uses race quite often as he can't really use facts.

    And me personally, I'm glad they have it all right now because democrats lie and tell you one thing and do another. They have to lie about being liberal to get elected. They have the house and the presidency now and can accomplish nothing. Not surprised are we?

    This will only mean, as a 43 year old man, that I will never again in my lifetime have to see a majority democratic government ever again. We will never elect a 'rock star' idiot who reads teleprompters pretty good, but is an economic retard and proven incompetent leader.

    After these morons Pelosi, Reid, Boxer etc and climate change, acorn etc..all get exposes, more taxes, lies etc.. it should be easy to call liberals a dying breed. Thank god.....People just need to feel the pain the democrats are now causing first, and they will for a long time.

  3. former democrat here. howard dean was one of three dems that turned me off the party. clinton and edwards and dean disgusted me. when I learned more in depth about politics, I relaized I had been clueless about politics the entire time. those 3 were all i need to research to find out they didn't represent me or the best interest of my country. they all suck, but we def need less govt less spending less corruption. democrats represent all those..

  4. Was Dean responsible for putting ACORN is swing state areas to win elections by lying and cheating? It's def. how Franken got elected. I have no doubt about that one. ACORN helped and it's pretty sad. The fact that democrats take my tax dollars and put it towards a corrupt organization that insults our democracy really offends me. I also have to pay for abortions which I am against with my tax dollars. This is wrong. Howard Dean is a very nasty, rude and belligerent unprofessional politician. I can't believe he's a doctor. I would be scared to see him in an office as I'm a conservative he might scream at me.

  5. "so I don't expect much out of you to do that...you seem like a libbtard."

    And you're not a 43 year old, you're a high school kid.

    "People just need to feel the pain the democrats are now causing first,"

    The Dow topped 10.5K today. You think investors are listening to you?

  6. "he is saying we should move to the 'European' model (socialism)."

    No he didn't. So now you have propagated a lie, passed on a lie and created a new lie. You are now guilty of three lies, Paul.

    Keep going. Conservatives live in a universe of lies. It's gone on for a year, and will go one because they are crazy being out of power.

  7. " dodged the draft like a coward"

    No. I'll just assume you were misinformed by one of your biased sources.

    "Though eventually eligible to be drafted into the military, he received a deferment for an unfused vertebra. He spent the next year skiing in Colorado as he explained to Tim Russert on MTP," I was really in no hurry to join the military."'

    That does not make him a draft dodger. Though he certainly wasn't too excited about going in the military. He wasn't alone at that time.


  8. Wow, you're so dumb. 1st, I love how you can tell me I'm a HS kid when I have a daughter in HS, who happens to be smarter than you. 2nd, I'm a libertarian. 3rd, you're an Obama sheep.

    The market is being propped up with artificial money you moron. Printed money from Obama to Wall Street for payback jackass. You know, the elitist democrats who own Wall Street , yet tell dumbass sheep like you, they represent Main street, hahahahaha... The dollars value is going down, gold up. You know what that means? Hmmm..think boy...Unemployment is rising faster then Obama's ratings are sinking. What planet are you from loser? You do know what that means right? You do know what's coming right? (I'm guessing no.)

    Collapse of the dollar? Hyperflation? Do any of these things ring a bell?

    Where did you get your economic skills from, the Chicago public schol district?

    By the way, the cover of drudge, Breitbart.com-

    'Howard Dean Declares Debate Between Capitalism and Socialism to Be Over'


  9. I knew you would bring Wikepedia into this. LOL.

    So wait, Dean gets a pass on the draft but goes downhill skiing the next year...Must of been a medical injury right?.lol..yea..okay... The little rich kid wasn't the only one who didn't want to go, other men went to serve their country and watch their fellow soldiers back.

    I guess when draft dodger Cheney dodges the draft for his excuses, according to liberals, those excuses are not good enough right? I agree.....

    You're a typical liberal with lame excuses and copying and pasting Wikepedia as your backup.lol.

    You're a jackass. Typical libb...

  10. "2nd, I'm a libertarian."

    The Libertarian Party has been around for about 30 years. What do they have to show for it? Libertarian = Losertarian.

  11. "I guess when draft dodger Cheney dodges the draft for his excuses, according to liberals, those excuses are not good enough right?"

    No. They did what they had to do back then. I don't fault anyone for it. That's a long time ago.

    I'm not a jackass. I'm a good guy, who just happens to disagree with you politically, that's all. No need to take anything personally.

  12. libertarians have PRIDE.....unlike Democrats...who are corrupt with bad policies for ALL Americans including the rich and the poor. Just think..if people had voted for Bob Barr or even Ron Paul, just imagine how much better shape this country would be in right now. Even Palin and McCain couldn't be worse than Obama and his radical, corrupt cronies he dragged into the white house from Chicago. Grow up loser..

    As for draft dodgers, as a vet, it bothers me. It's not a surprise to me that you're okay with it because you seem like a coward. A sissie...and a dumb one at that. Most libbs are..Especially when these dodgers like Cheney want to send kids to war when he himself never went.

    Now stop wasting your time boy, whether you just 'disagree' or not, we were talking about Howard Dean and anyone who likes or supports Howard Dean for what he does politically is a moron. Period. There is no discussion needed. He's a dickhead...it's a proven fact..so it doesn't matter if you disagree. Now go away.

  13. You're a sad man, Paul.

  14. That's funny, your mom just told me the same thing about you....get off my shtick kid..seriously, I'm tired of arguing with mental morons who have been so brainwashed, they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Go away loser...come back when you get some common sense and you are out of your denial stage.


  16. i think he,sa fine drink of water, and for a whiteman !!