Thursday, December 3, 2009

HILLARIOUS VIDEO! Minnesota governor turned Truther superpatriot walks off radio show in huff. Jesse Ventura schooled by Jim Norton..

HOTAIR- From this morning’s Opie & Anthony show, your viral video of the day. The little guy is comedian and anti-liberal Jim Norton. The big guy is a bully who used to wrestle in a feather boa, likes to throw around the chickenhawk smear when discussing foreign policy, and, oh yes, is a full-blown mouthbreathing 9/11 conspiracy theorist who retreats into the “just asking questions” cop-out when challenged. In four-plus minutes here, I don’t think he engages a single point Norton makes, choosing instead to insult him, walk out, and then stare him down as if promising an imminent ass-kicking. Behold America’s highest profile Truther in all his glory. He and the movement deserve each other. Strong content warning.

Jim Norton; 'You have balls kid.' lol


  1. yes he does have BALLS. i thought Ventura was gonna smack the shit out of him like Stossel got slapped by

    But Norton was right. I liked Ventura when he 1st ran for Gov. then he turned inyo a lunatic moron with severe BDS.

  2. yeah that was funny when stossel asked shultz is wrestling phony and he replied with a slap and said was that phoney (stupid)