Friday, December 4, 2009

Is SEIU Funneling Cash From Illegals Into U.S Elections? How Much More Evidence Do These Idiots Need?

This doesn't seem to bother the 'idiots' who supported Obama because Obama represented change.(LMAO) Okay, stop laughing... These Obama voting 'idiots' were tired of the lies, corruption and the 'same old' politics of Washington D.C, so they voted for a guy from Chicago! (LMAO) Okay, stop laughing... Look what happened..

So now that Obama has been exposed without a doubt as FAR WORSE than the same old, a compulsive liar and the commander in chief of the most corrupt administration in U.S history, why do they still support him? Is it his charming smile?

What Obama is doing with SEIU, ACORN, card check and cap and trade is corrupt and disgraceful. He's more concerned with killing babies, killing jobs and killing the dollar than he is at creating jobs and fixing the economy. This is what happens when 'idiots' are allowed to vote.

They drooled over a corrupt 'do-nothing' Senator and 'community organizer' from the Chicago machine who had ZERO executive experience, who lead all Senators in stripping earmarks from the taxpayers while attending a black liberation theology church for 20 years, admitted that he sought out Marxist professors in college and thought wealth redistribution was a 'good thing.' WTF?!? How does a man like that get elected President of the United States? (HINT- dumbed down culture= 'idiots')

Obama is clueless on the economy. He's never managed anything. He's never met a payroll. He's never hired employees. He's a professional 'community organizer' which means he staples signs to telephone poles, agitates poor people in the community by telling them that they are some sort of victims of social injustice, the greedy white man or some other crap, and then make promises he's never going to keep to get their support. Wow, is that what Harvard is teaching these days?

A regional manager at McDonalds would do a far better job at managing the economy than a radical, incompetent Ivy League hack and speech giving con artist. These democrat voters can have all the 'hope' they want, but nothings going to 'change' and unless they wake up and realize they were conned, expect to hear the words 'idiot' and 'sheep' for a long time.

The people who voted for Obama made One Big Ass Mistake for America. They can change that by becoming more informed and understanding why America is a great country and learning what really works to make our economy great. The people who STILL support Obama cannot be helped. With all of the evidence on this site alone, anyone who still supports Obama is most likely in denial, loves misery or has a mental disorder.

Visit www.YouGotConned.Com and just admit you were conned.

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  1. Great post and spot on hard-hitting commentary with a bit of humor thrown in. Keep pouring it do a great service in exposing the corruption and evil of the Annointed One and his merry band of Marxists. Your also waking up those who have any hope of redemption.