Wednesday, December 9, 2009

IT'S ALL WHITE PEOPLES FAULT 101: University of Minnesota Under Fire for Task Force's Discrimination-Based Teacher Education Plan

White guilt. White scum. "Nice sign lady, jail a compassionate 'liberal' republican, free a '100% guilty' cop killer." The only problem with this lady holding the sign is that it looks like she still has a pulse.

Look what these self-loathing, spineless liberals are up to now...

A branch of the University of Minnesota may require all education students at the school to understand and accept that they are either privileged or oppressed and that they be well-versed in issues like "white privilege," "institutional racism” and the "myth of meritocracy in the United States."

Critics are condemning the Race, Culture, Class and Gender Task Group at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, which proposes making race, class and gender issues the "overarching framework" of all teaching courses.

The task group, formed as part of the Teacher Education Redesign Initiative at the state university, aims to change how future teachers are trained, based on the assertion that the teachers' lack of "cultural competence" contributes to minority students' poor grades.

Click here to dowload the Race, Culture, Class and Gender Task Group's final report.

The group is one of seven task forces that university spokesman Dan Wolter says are examining "a whole range of issues dealing with how teachers are educated." READ MORE...

We would say the kid below in the video might have a different opinion...

Did this kid oppress anyone? Did he deserve this? Will teaching minority students that 'whites' oppressed them cause more attacks like this one? Or even worse, attacks like the Knoxville rape, torture and murder of the two white college students by 5 blacks?

Black on white crime happens FAR MORE than white on black crime does, but it is rarely reported. Why aren't these whites considered oppressed? Who says all whites are born wealthy and privileged? And if they are, so what? Who cares? Jay Z's kids going to college someday shouldn't affect a poor white students life or their grades, So why do liberals ALWAYS look for victims, play the race card and blame game? It's because they're idiots and race baiting bigots.

The University of Minnesota is a disgrace for allowing this. This just creates more racism! Is Al Franken behind this? Pawlenty and Bachman wouldn't support this crap..

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