Friday, December 4, 2009

JOHN BOEHNER NAILS IT IN THIS VIDEO: 'Job Losses Signal Dangers of Dems Job-Killing Agenda'

Well it's nice to hear a politician tell the hard truth about the democrats real agenda.

Obama supporting 'zombies' are so delusional and brainwashed, they could watch a video of Obama telling his gang of radicals, 'hey, lets collapse the U.S by destroying the dollar and killing millions of jobs, then pass health care so we can have control over the people and more of the economy, and then pass cap and trade, even though we know global warming is bullshit.' (Radicals laugh, hahahahahaha!)

These 'idiots' would see the video and STILL deny it!! It's just how deranged these people are.

On this site alone, we have over 1000 articles and videos of damaging evidence that can NOT be disputed PROVING that Barack Hussein Obama is a radical, Marxist, deceptive, corrupt, incompetent FRAUD.

Other liberal democrats in the Congress and Senate, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, John Murtha, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Dick Durbin, John Conyers, Chuck Schumer and others are RUINING this country, NOT capitalism, not George Bush (although he didn't help any) not Reaganomics, not limited government, not tax cuts for the rich, not big corporations, not the health care's being done by LIBERAL DEMOCRATS and this is a FACT.

A message to ALL you Obama supporting idiots, 'get your head out of your ass and educate yourself on the truth.'

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