Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Bruce Springsteen is pushing really hard for gay marriage....why? Hmmm...

New Jersey governor-elect Chris Christie is a die-hard Bruce Springsteen fan. He's been to over 120 Springsteen concerts, and was very much hoping that his 123rd would be his inaugural. He asked Bruce and his band if they would play, but Bruce, a die-hard socialist and disgrace to New Jersey for encouraging millions of Americans to support a compulsive lying Marxist Presidential candidate, turned the Republican Christie down. Even though he's played for Barack Obama and John Kerry, he claims he "doesn’t want to get involved in state politics."

As a Freehold native, I have always been embarrassed by Bruce Springsteen, the 'guilt ridden' moron who claims to represent the 'working' man, yet charges over $150.00 a ticket to go see him sing the same old played out songs from the 80's.

He supports a Marxist President who is hell bent on destroying the economy (and succeeding). The same economy that was so good to Springsteen. Id rather go see a Springsteen 'tribute' band, as it would be more affordable, and I wouldn't have to puke as I look at 'Obama' shit all over the stage next to a guitar player from 'Rage Against the Machine' with a 'Free Mumia' shirt on, who thinks a 100% guilty cop killer should go free.

How can a man who wrote 'Born in the USA' with the flag and his fake patriotism, support an anti-American like Obama? It shows the stupidity of Bruce...and boy he must feel stupid a year later after knowing that Obama has failed miserably. He's killing jobs like crazy, running up the debt and accomplishing nothing but stacking czars with communists, socialists, homosexual radicals and now he's trying to push a cap and trade bill that will KILL jobs and hurt the poor and middle class and small businesses. 'Great job Bruce! Stay out of politics you jackass.'

Maybe Chris Christie can get Bon Jovi or how about Steam? They can put Corzine's hideous picture up on the stage and sing 'Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye' to the WORST Governor NJ has ever seen. Of course, a democrat..


  1. Bruce has lost it. Coming from a middle class home in NJ you would think he would be conservative. He's another kool aid drinking elitist.
    It's a shame. He is supporting a party that is so corrupt and so anti-middle class.

  2. while i agree with most of this article, "born in the u.s.a." is actually a satire of u.s. policy in vietnam and the way vets were treated coming home.

  3. BirtherAndProudOfItFri Dec 11, 09:42:00 AM PST

    born in the usa? he can't be talkin bout Obama?