Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama's Economic Advisor "The Recessions Over" LOL - Obama's Other Economic Advisor, "It's Not Over." WTF?!? We Have Many Idiots in the White House...

Director of the National Economic Council Lawrence Summers says that "everybody agrees that the recession is over" ... while White House economic adviser Christina Romer said emphatically, "of course not," when asked whether the recession was over during a separate interview. See the airhead below.

This entire administration is full of lies. Harvard has produced a radical community organizer President who is a pathological liar, an airhead economist who has never created a job and another economic advisor who is as corrupt and nasty as they come with a bad reputation and pathetic history. We would prefer a community college graduate than a Harvard graduate to run the country. They would do a better job..

Can't wait to see what Robert 'liar liar' Gibbs has to 'stutter and babble' about this.

Larry Summers is a very dangerous man. Just read 'Eight reasons to dump Larry Summers' to see Obama's terrible judgement in taking advice from this moron.

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