Wednesday, December 30, 2009

President makes Top 10 list of corrupt politicians. Believes he 'can violate privacy rights of Americans' without legal consequence...

President Obama has been named to a "Top 10" list he'd likely be grateful to avoid: Judicial Watch's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians," for 2009.

"The Obama White House believes," said the report from the organization that monitors government for corruption, and sues when it chooses, "it can violate the privacy rights of American citizens without any legal consequences or accountability."

The report released yesterday said Obama joined the likes of Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass.; Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; Attorney General Eric Holder; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.; and Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., on the list.

"Even before President Obama was sworn into office, he was interviewed by the FBI for a criminal investigation of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's scheme to sell the president's former Senate seat to the highest bidder," the report said.

"Moreover, the Obama administration made the startling claim that the Privacy Act does not apply to the White House. The Obama White House believes it can violate the privacy rights of American citizens without any legal consequences or accountability," the report said. READ MORE...

NOTE- We started 'IdiotsForObama.Com' because we always knew that a corrupt, incompetent, radical, compulsive lying liberal Senator from Chicago would make a terrible President. Well, now the blind and dumb 'sheep' now know what we were talking about...

The Obama 'zombies' went around wiping the drool off their chin about how cool Obama was and that he was going to 'change and hope' and 'hope and change' and 'yes we can' and so far it's been 'NO HE DIDN'T,' he just made it WORSE.

It's funny to see dumb liberals running around talking about just how stupid George Bush was, how much of an idiot Sarah Palin is and Michele Bachman (a tax attorney) being called a 'crazy' bitch, yet these same morons seem to have their mouths duct taped when you mention the names, 'Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, Obama, Rangel, Biden, Schumer, Reid and Murtha.'

Are there any conservatives on that list? Hmmm, we see one RINO and nine liberal democrats. There's a lot of jackasses on that list..

It's why we call Obama supporters BIG FAT 'idiots.'

Liberals are so predictable. We already know what the liberals defense is going to be for the 'Judicial Watch' list of top 10 corrupt politicians, nine of them democrats...

'They're a right wing website!'

Again, 'liberals in denial.' Some sheep will continue to be sheep, some will continue to be idiots, and some will actually wake up and be outraged that a community organizer conned them into their vote. That's an insult and a slap in the face. We hope more people wake up and realize that democrats are no longer democrats. They are corrupt, dishonest, progressive liberal scum and bad for America.

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