Tuesday, December 29, 2009

President Obama Calls Suspect 'Isolated Extremist,' But Al Qaeda Claims Credit. Then Claims Bush's Outdated Security System Failed! WTF?!?

Skip to 4:27 to listen to this 'embarrassment of a President' call the terrorist an 'isolated extremist.' Remember, Obama knows that millions of Americans are dumb as shit; look how many people voted for a stuttering bullshitter and community organizer they knew nothing about with a shady past and a man who had terrible character.

How much longer will these 'sheep' continue to let Obama insult the one ounce of intelligence 'left' in them?

In his second statement in two days on the Christmas Day terrorism scare, President Obama said today that he wants preliminary findings from reviews of terrorist watch lists and passenger screening by Thursday, and said that it's clear that the current security system is "not sufficiently up to date."

"A systemic failure has occurred and I consider that completely unacceptable," he told reporters who are with him in Hawaii for his family holiday.

The president said early findings have already made clear that there are "deficiencies" in the security system built since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that could have led to a "catastrophic" incident. READ MORE...


  1. The best friend the terrorist's ever had---Mr. hope n change.
    When our crown cancer spoke to the heads of state during his middle-east sojourn---Obama told the leaders that the "war on terror" was "the war of error"---from that moment on-wards you knew it would just be a matter of time before these frenzied-fanatics would act.

    Remember Obama's boast, "that the world will have confidence in him because he was listening to them"----while that bragging has come back to haunt him big time.

    Is Obama still listening, then listen well, because what the terrorist's are saying is--- for a president of the United States, you have shown disgraceful fear and timidity and we have known it all along.

    The very sad part is, that now America knows it also.

  2. From talk radio to the Internet, I've never seen conservatives so happy as they have been past week. Politicizing this event gives their lives meaning.

  3. Should the worst happen, and the United States undergo a large-scale attack, would the country rally behind the President like it did the last time? -- I think not.

  4. Is this the Anonymous from the Report: Jennings called Falwell terrorist thread---if it is, you made my day---and if you acknowledge that it is you, I have something to tell you.