Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sales of new homes plunged unexpectedly in November. What's so 'unexpectedly' about it? Who's 'stuck on stupid' here? NOT Peter Shiff...

Sales of new homes plunged unexpectedly last month to the lowest level since April, a sign the housing market recovery will be rocky.

The 11 percent slump from October's pace shows that consumers are taking their time following an extension of a deadline for first-time buyers to qualify for a tax credit. The incentive was set to expire at the end of November, but Congress pushed back the date to April 30 and expanded the program to include current homeowners who relocate.

"They don't have to act today," said David Crowe, chief economist at the National Association of Home Builders, who called the results "pretty awful."

New home sales data, released Wednesday, are a better indicator of future real estate activity than sales of previously occupied homes, but capture a smaller slice of the market. The new home figures tally sales agreements signed in November, while home resale numbers reflect contracts signed over the summer that were completed in November. READ MORE...

When you have really dumb economic advisors like Larry Summers, you can only 'expect' bad things to happen. Just click the link below to learn more about this king moron. Even liberals don't like him...that's pretty bad..


NOTE- We don't understand why the mainstream media uses the words 'unexpectedly' when it comes to slow home sales, economic growth and unemployment. Who didn't expect this? What are their names? We would like to know so we don't ever have to listen to them again....

Are these the same liberal idiot economist wanna-be's like Paul Krugman, Larry Summers, Christina Romer and Austan Goolsbee who have never ran a business or created a single job in their lifetime, but have degree's in economics? Are these the same economic retards from Berkeley, Harvard and the University of Chicago? If so, then EXPECT more bad news and decline down the road because these people have NO effin clue what they're doing UNLESS they are filling their own pockets.

We know PETER SCHIFF, one of the BEST economist's in the world, is NOT one of these people who are always 'unexpectedly' shocked when high unemployment and low housing sales numbers come out.

BUT Peter Schiff, the former financial advisor to economic genius Ron Paul, is NOT an OBAMA SUPPORTER, so therefore, he doesn't matter (according to liberals).

Peter is BEST known for his predictions of the housing bubble and collapse. In fact, Peter Schiff has made so many accurate predictions, he has been nicknamed 'Dr. Doom.' We just call him 'smart.' We also hope to call him 'Senator Schiff' as he's running against the filthy corrupt Senator Chris Dodd in Connecticut next year..

Peter understands that BIG government interfering in the housing market and private sector hurts small businesses, and will 'expectedly' f*** the economy up. It's why Obama's team of over 20 economic advisers and academic elitist airheads will not fix this economy. Mark our words...

VIDEO BELOW- Listen to the 'economists' disagree with AND laugh at Peter Schiff long before the recession, as he predicts back then- EXACTLY what happened to our economy recently.

Watch the video below, and ask yourself, 'why isn't this man on the Obama economic team?' We know why, but can YOU figure it out?

Peter destroys Art Laffer at around the 2:00 mark in this video. Art isn't a bad economist but he was definitely wrong on this one. Who's 'laff'n' now...

May 2009- What's so 'unexpectedly' about this?

Maybe one of Obama's economic advisers SHOULDN'T be a man who was voted America's WORST CEO of the year AND a man who sold parts to Iran that helped blow off the legs of our young men fighting in Iraq.

But that CEO Jeffrey Immelt, pictured above with Obama, who is the head honcho over at GE and NBC, stands to make billions of dollars off the taxpayers with universal healthcare and cap and trade, IF those bills pass. GE will get the contracts to the power grids that have to be built and to the medical record data base through 'healthmaginations.'
All NBC has to do is slobber all over President Obama and run over 5000 commercials brainwashing it's shrinking audience that cap and trade, government run healthcare and Obama are the greatest things in the world. Just watch the 3 boys, Maddow, Olbermann and Matthews get 'thrills' up their leg every night talking about just how great Obama is with his 44% approval rating... Or at least when they take a rare night off of personally attacking Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Carrie Prejean for one hour straight...while ignoring all of the corruption that's going on in the 'democrat' controlled congress and the Obama administration. Don't worry folks, we have Glenn Beck for that stuff...

Why do you think we call NBC the 'Neo-Statist Barack Channel?'

Why do you think they are always deceiving their pathetic small audience and holding 'green' weeks.

Are the people who watch NBC really that naive and stupid? People are starting to 'unexpectedly' wake up and it's about time..

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Schiff for Senate



  2. Immelt's a scumbag. Obama is so corrupt he makes the Bush administration look so ethical.

    The housing market got screwed up because liberal democrats got involved. Fannie-Freddie-ACORN etc..

    I don't blame Bush, only an idiot would do that. I don't blame Obama. I blame Carter, Clinton and liberals in congress.

    Should'a listened to