Monday, December 28, 2009

State Department Ignored Warning on Abdulmutallab: Great Job Hillary!

These two idiots are in charge of protecting us..oh boy.. Yuck and yuckier...throw in the panties...which one is grosser to look at?

Janet Napolitano has come under heavy criticism for her assertion that “the system worked” after the near-miss attack on Northwest 253, but as the Washington Post reports this morning, the failure didn’t entirely belong to Napolitano. The State Department got a warning from the terrorist’s father that his son was up to no good just a few weeks before the flight from Amsterdam. Not only did State ignore the warning, but the Post reports that ignorance is pretty much the norm: READ MORE...

Now- The Homeland Security Beast Janet Napolitano says the system failed miserably!
Click here to see the video...

The rules on the lists have been in place since 2006. The Obama administration has been in office since January. If the rules on transferring people from watch lists to no-fly lists are a problem, shouldn’t that have been a higher priority than, say, revamping the entire American health-care system or pushing cap-and-trade bills? It seems like a bigger priority than flying to Copenhagen twice and coming home empty-handed both times, once on climate change and once on the Olympics. Of course, Barack Obama doesn’t have to worry about flying with radical jihadis from Nigeria when he travels abroad. Click here for more from HotAir.Com

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