Monday, December 28, 2009

VIDEO- 400 Illegals Walk Into U.S In Just 2 Months. Homeland Security Beast Janet Napolitano Says Border Security Adequate....

Just think....every single day you go to work, you put in some labor not just for YOUR family, but for all of these illegal immigrants coming across our borders. You pay for their babies, their hospital bills, their education, their welfare, their lawyers when they commit crimes, their incarceration, their groceries etc...and it's getting worse.

Forget for a minute the almost one trillion dollars a year taxpayers foot for illegal aliens. About 24 American citizens every single day are killed by illegal aliens. Twelve are violent murders and 12 are drunken driving deaths caused by illegal aliens. There's countless rapes, assaults, burglaries and robberies that are committed by illegals every single day on American citizens. The liberals response to this statistic (fact) is usually, 'so what, people in America do it too.'

Yes, that's the mind of a retarded liberal... Liberals still can't define the word 'illegal' unless it has to do with law abiding citizens carrying handguns to protect themselves..

According to liberals, it's okay to let people into this country who we know nothing about, can't speak the language, don't understand our laws and like liberals, don't understand the U.S Constitution..

Remember, liberals think that illegals coming to the U.S and cutting lawns and becoming career cleaning ladies are just in search of the American dream. Give us a break...

We do have one great idea called the 'liberal-illegal alien exchange' program.

Since most progressive liberals don't like America, they can leave right away on a taxpayer funded one way ticket to any other country they choose, as long as they are not permitted to return to the U.S. In exchange we keep one illegal, make him or her a U.S citizen, teach them English, the law of the land and the U.S Constitution, conduct a background check and physical examination and when it's all said and done, that illegal will be a proud, productive, educated, informed, patriotic American citizen. In other words, 'opposite of a liberal.'

This would work out great as we could get rid of Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Janeane Garofalo, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Moore, Danny Glover, Keith Olbermann, Kerry Underwood, P-Diddy, Nancy Pelosi, Van Jones, Barack Obama and other people who are hell bent on contributing the the 'change' of America.

That would be awesome!

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