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Watch The Decline: The Media Lowlights Of 2009

Watch The Decline: The Media Lowlights Of 2009 From 'Accuracy In Media' (

Climate "scientists" are about as trusted as used-car salesmen or congressmen these days thanks to the beating their profession has taken in the "ClimateGate" scandal. But give the alarmists their due: They know how to hide the decline.

Their friends in the media, on the other hand, are not quite so skilled at chicanery. The press practices plenty of sniper journalism, the kind that kills unaware readers and viewers from afar. But journalists attack in the open often enough that Americans can watch the decline of the Fourth Estate in all of its embarrassing glory.

They had a lot to watch in 2009 -- a year marked by the media's anointed leader moving into the White House, liberals ascending to one-party control of Washington and, to hear journalists report it, an angry mob of dangerous extremists daring to reject the hope-and-change narrative.

There were so many media lowlights that it's a challenge to pick the best of the worst for a year-end recap, but here goes:

"Teabaggers" everywhere! The mainstream media's abysmal coverage of the "tea party" movement wins the award for media bias of the year hands down.

The movement started with a small protest against the pork-laden stimulus in Seattle on Presidents Day in February but quickly snowballed into a nationwide phenomenon that is still going strong. Journalists diligently suppressed the story for weeks, but when the movement grew despite the attempt to kill it with lack of publicity, the media coverage turned ugly. The most unprofessional, unethical and utterly embarrassing moments included:

Susan Roesgen of CNN berating tea partiers rather than interviewing them during a live report on the Tax Day Tea Party event in Chicago. "Why do you say he's a fascist? He's the president of the United States," she scolded one protester. Her rants were so biased that a former CNN star said Roesgen "crossed a journalistic line." Three months later, she lost her job.

Anchors and media celebrities embracing the term "teabaggers," a vulgar reference to oral sex, as a descriptor for Americans protesting runaway government spending, regulation and inevitable taxation. The Media Research Center documented that episode of decline, including one MSNBC segment where the term was used 51 times, in R-rated detail. Anderson Cooper of CNN issued a phony apology for using the term, but journalists regularly repeated it all year.

MSNBC manipulating video footage of a gun-toting protester to insinuate that the town halls of summer were inciting violence by racists who hate America's first black president. Why edit the video? Because the man toting the gun was black, a fact that would have undermined the story. Journalists largely ignored reports of actual violence by liberal protesters, including the beating of Kenneth Gladney and the finger-chomping of William Rice, for the same reason. READ MORE...

Check out the video below to see PJTV exposes the hypocrisy of the pathetic liberal media in this country. It's why we're here to give you the real news..

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