Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White House invited a convicted felon and radical to state dinner. ACORN clears itself and the Beck 'red phone' still isn't ringing! Must see VIDEO

Part 1

Does it suprise you that Robert Creamer, a felon convicted of bank fraud, Is a contributor to that Progressive Blog site, Huffington Post?
Does it surprise you that he was invited to and attended the White House State Dinner.

Would you believe like, Alnsky's Rules for radicals, Creamer wrote a book which lays out the tactics the administration is following to bamboozle the public and pass the Health Care Reform bill. A bill which turns out to be unpopular with Americans, but will be passed by the Democratic congress. Does the Obama administration have anyone on its staff who isn't a radical in one way or another

Part 2

To see the entire episode click here

Liberals only hate Glenn Beck because Beck is right. This video should wake a lot of people up. This information can all be fact checked so there is no dispute over whether it's true or not. This IS happening. Who would of ever thought it could happen in America?!? These people have got to be stopped and removed from power.

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  1. how can people not see whats goin on in america. can't obama be impeached for all these appointments if the rep. take back the house. 1 year and this? times it by 4 times the damage, were screwed.