Thursday, December 3, 2009

WHAT A DUMB YENTA: Joy Behar: Tiger Not a Hypocrite Because He's Not a Right-Winger. Another 'Angry Liberal' Feminist Saying Something Really Stupid..

Okay, how did this woman get her own show again? How did she get so angry and stupid? Oh, we know; she's a LIBERAL...

Joy Baher represents how MOST liberals think. Even talking about a golfer's affair she has to take a jab at the party she hates because the 'right wingers' believe in God and low taxes while opposing gay marriage. You know, something that 70% of Americans agree with, including minorities.

No wonder her husband left that judgemental fat cow. Oh, did we say fat? lol...

We're glad that some liberals will totally disagree with Joy on this one...right???

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