Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why is Obama still in Hawaii? Michelle on the airline bomb plot: Why isn’t Obama back in Washington? If this were President Bush....?

Michelle Malkin is pretty awesome. If only every single American who voted for Obama could read her best selling book 'Culture of Correction,' they would see the real 'hope and change' they voted for and realize just how dumb they used to be...

Five days after the Christmas Day bomber tried to blow up NWA Flight 253 over Detroit, President Obama is still on vacation in Hawaii. He has delivered two hasty, tie-less statements on homeland security from a makeshift podium in Honolulu whose underwhelming sum impact has been the equivalent of voting “present” (Obama’s career m.o.) By his own admission and in direct contradiction to his hapless DHS Secretary, the president acknowledged yesterday that “systemic failure” led to the breach.

Obama is not scheduled to return to Washington until Sunday. That’s four more full days of reinforcing his image as detached, aloof, and too damned tired to tackle the jihadi epidemic with the once-hyped energy and passion of a 48-year-old Super-Agent of Hope and Change.

Team Obama’s stage managers and image gurus are all about symbolism. Wouldn’t the president send a more credible message to jihadi plotters around the world (and to Americans) by cutting his holiday break short and getting back to work in the White House, rather than by phoning it in for the next four days?

And how many more tropical paradise pow-wows and basketball games with his Chicago cronies Valerie Jarrett, Marty Nesbitt, and Eric Whitaker does he need, anyway?


  1. You have to remember Obama's golf game is a hell of a lot more important than National Security. Besides he has the Secret Service to protect him and his family and we have the Department of Homeland Security to protect not only us but the terrorist rights. Don't you feel secure?

  2. 0bamao simply doesn't care. After all, if you're aim is to destroy the United States of America, why fret over people (MUSLIMS) who will aid and abet you to get the job done? I'd rather see the b@stard display his true indifference than some BS acting job feigning concern.

  3. Would you get on a plane tomorrow, savage? I would.

    The only thing that would make conservatives here at this site happier is if that plane would have went down, killing everyone aboard. Then they could really point fingers.

    Shameful the way they try to make political hay out of this. I think it is incumbent on Republicans in Congress to work with the President and fill the breaches. It would be a great way to start the New Year. He's going to be president for a long time and we need to make this work.

  4. LiberalsJumpOffRooftops..Thu Dec 31, 06:19:00 PM PST

    Oh my god! Anonymous- You represent the reason I do not like liberals. The way you think is really sick. To think that conservative would want a terror attack just shows how easily brainwashed you are and how stupidly you think.

    Many people are getting on planes you dummy. Reguardless of political choice. The only people making political hay out of anything are democrats by lying about health care and climate change. Where are you getting your wrong info from?

    Conservatives are very charitable, honest good people, most of them religious and it seems that the left, you guys, are the ones who are greedy, stingy, and only generous with other peoples money. You people are the ones hoping that Limbaugh dies in the hospital, while praising Ted Kennedy, the fat coward who left a young girl to die, and tried to push for programs that he would be excluding himself from, like health care.

    What really bothers me about you is your stupidity. The democrats do NOT listen to republicans, don't want to include them or hear any of their proposals for anything. You can't have smart, fiscal respobsible free market common sense people get a,long with lying corrupt socialist marxist morons anyway.

    Barack Obama TODAY would lose to BUSH. People outside your little bubble are turning on him. Blacks, libbs, all independents and others.

    He won't be President a long time, if he survives 3 more years. I just don't understand how you people get mad at conservatives for wanting him to fail. Where were you in defense of Bush when he was being attacked by the left? The reason I hate democrats, especially liberals is because they're the biggest hypocrites in the world and have zero commone sense.

    I can't wait until we collapse. I think we need it soon to show people that we have become a really dumbed down society. Indoctrination through the schools and the media is getting out of hand, and if we collapse, i think people will start to think for themselves. Something you don't seem to do so well.

    And finally, how come men are such sissies these days. What a bunch of panty waste girly men democrats and rep. are. Where's the strongminded people anymore???

    I listen to Rush, Savage, Wilkow and they're all making a lot of sense. I listen to Press, Colmes and I'm like ;what the hell are these people talking about?' I feel the same every time Anonymous above posts a comment. What planet are you from?

    How that hope and change working out for you? What's the next excuse for you people? 'obama has only had 2 years..then 3..what the heck???

    Stop living in denial and just admit you made ONE BIG ASS MISTAKE FOR AMERICA...okay??

    Thanks dumbo...

  5. Yephora---point well taken---the crown cancer's aim is to bring ruin and desolation---chaos, disorder, helplessness and to overwhelm eveything that the "American people hold dear and cultivate with care and affection"-----this cancer nurture's disharmy and discord until the American people in his SICK mind need the government for succor-----that is never going to happen---unbeknownst to this crown cancer and his Obamadites there is an earthquake trembling right now and in a volcanic fury its upheaval will expunge once and for all these liberal/commie/scum from the body politic.

    I wish this site all the best in the new year----and the best to each and eveyone of you also that visits this site, even the mentally challanged liberals---we are going to make this the best site on the net---this site is doing their part---and we will do our's.