Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WORLDS MOST FAMOUS LIAR AL GORE LECTURES PALIN ON GLOBAL WARMNING: It's Like Gravity...It Exists..WTF?!? VIDEO; Gore On 'Climategate' Mistates Facts

Al Gore has lied so many times, if he walked up to you bleeding and said he needed an ambulance, you would tell him 'wipe the ketchup off your face loser.' The master extortionist and hypocrite couldn't hold a candle to Palin on energy or climate change.

Remember Al Gores career. Al Gore makes millions of dollars lying to people and scaring children with bogus science while knowing nothing about real science. 'He just makes shit up.' According to Al Gore, cows passing gas will cause the world to end in 5 years with 200 degree temperatures and tidal waves. What a moron..

Sarah Palin has the view of most rational thinking Americans (non-liberals) and that is, let's have a discussion about whether it's 'man made' and let the science speak for itself; not just the scientist's that receive millions of dollars in grants who just happen to agree with the left wingers.

If you can stomach ANY interview with Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC- click here to see just how stupid Al Gore really is..or watch him lie in the video below.

Notice how CNN takes the interview serious? As if he knows what he's talking about and is being honest. They never called him out on his lies..Unbelievable...

Again, if you can stomach part 2 of this video-click here...

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