Sunday, January 24, 2010

ADMINISTRATION OF LIARS: White House brass split on stimulus stats, fumbling jobs and 'ObamaCare' messages. They're still conning their little 'sheep'

White House advisers appearing on the Sunday talk shows gave three different estimates of how many jobs could be credited to President Obama’s Recovery Act.

The discrepancy was pointed out by a Republican official in an email to reporters noting that “Three presidential advisers on three different programs [gave] three different descriptions of the trillion-dollar stimulus bill.”

Valerie Jarrett had the most conservative count, saying “the Recovery Act saved thousands and thousands of jobs,” while David Axelrod gave the bill the most credit, saying it has “created more than – or saved more than 2 million jobs.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came in between them, saying the plan had “saved or created 1.5 million jobs.” READ MORE...

WH fumbling jobs, ObamaCare messages


  1. "What a wicked web we weave...when we first practice to decieve." Just the average day with the criminals that make up the BHO/Lucifer many lies no time to compare them all to make sure that they correlate. Are you paying attention worshippers? Your president and his team are falling apart at the seams...

  2. Says you JC
    The Messiah has a plan, but because Obama is a light skinned negro the main stream media's true racism is shinnig through.
    You can bet your bottom dollar if Obama was all white the media would be protecting him like they did Bush. Isn't it sad that our Messiah is only in office for 12 months, and even though the damage Obama has caused is of prodigious proportions, he gets all the blame because of the color of his skin. Now that's not fair. Give him a chance.

  3. hey ellie light, you give the lying obuma a chance and you can keep his change hows that i know how a real man opperates, in between face stretches i do a very busy libido and hire alot of realmen on taxpayers expense because you americans our stupid Nancy P.