Thursday, January 21, 2010

An All-White Basketball League? Is This Racism?

In the world of Don “Moose” Lewis, only white men can jump and that’s why he’s launching a professional basketball league made up exclusively of American-born Caucasians.

Blacks and immigrants need not apply to the All-American Basketball Alliance.

Lewis, an Atlanta-based wrestling and boxing promoter, told FOX News Radio the AABA will play in at least 12 cities — mostly in the South.

Only players that are national born United States citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league, he said.
The plans for an all-white team have been met with shock and outrage – especially in Augusta, GA – where Lewis wants to field a team.

“Apparently, it’s not a hoax – it’s serious,” Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver told FOX News Radio. “To me the idea is ludicrous. I don’t think there is anyone in the city of Augusta that would want to be associated with it.”

Lewis denied claims by critics that he is a racist. “If I was a true racist, I wouldn’t allow Jews – Catholics – I wouldn’t allow any of these people.”

Lewis said he just wants to provide an alternative to the National Basketball League and what he calls their “street ball” mentality.” He said he was especially put-off by a recent gun incident involving NBA star Gilbert Arenas.

“There’s no excuse for guns in locker rooms, players going into the stands after fans,” he said READ MORE...

NOTE- Maybe if the league had an affirmative action policy, say one minority player for every ten white players, it wouldn't be considered racist. It would be considered 'affirmative action.' Why is okay to eliminate white candidates on police and fire department so they can hire minority candidates with lower scores, regardless of their upbringing. It's based on race only and that is considered racist and unfair by many. Most of those jobs are also tax funded by tax payers who disagree with affirmative action-AKA- racism..

If this guy wants to start a league with his own money and have all white basketball players, that's his business. People don't have to watch it. White people do not have to watch BET network. But if there was a WET (White Entertainment Network) there would be outrage. We do have all black magazines, black television networks, black organizations such as the NACCP and Congressional 'black' caucus, black beauty pageants (where whites can not enter, but blacks can enter ALL other pageants) and black universities.

Maybe he can also start an all black hockey league. Both will be pretty entertaining and will have their audience, but until you eliminate ALL black and ALL hispanic only titles, you really can't complain at what this guy is doing with an all white basketball team. It's hypocritical. It's also bullshit..if you don't agree with it, don't watch it. Are we wrong?


  1. If this guy is spending his money I say let him do whatever he wants. If people like it they will watch...if not turn it off or change the channel. Let whining commence...the PC crowd...what is wrong with an all white anything? Why should white folks not be allowed to advance their color? A wise person once said, "if you do not stand up for yourself...who will?" That should apply across the board no matter the ethnic group...

  2. I love it! Instead of surrendering to minorities who have declared war on whites, this guy takes the fight to them and is going to kick their ass with their own "rules."

    I have nothing against a person's skin color, but I am sick of being told that I have some sort of inborn wealth, guilt, debt, priviledge, or evil just because I am white, ahem, make that European-American.

    Most whites don't want to play the race game, but the minorities sure do, as long as they are the only ones administering the beatings. Now that some whites dare to stand up for themselves, prepare for crowds of howling, enraged colored people. Ahh, the delicious melody of the easily offended!

    They asked for it, and now they are getting it!

  3. Twelve teams that the Minnesota Timberwolves could actually beat. Maybe the old power forward Kurt Rambis could coach one of them after his contract expires with the Wolves.

  4. Perfect, I support this 100%, blacks dominate the numbers in sports such as basketball and football, and so, some people, namely idiots, believe that they are better athletes, if this where true, then what about Larry Byrd, the reason why blacks dominate these two sports is because of black racism, there are many white athletes out there that are better but because of the racism involved they aren't chosen to play, instead, they want to put an underachieving black felon in his or her place.

  5. There likely is demand for a family-friendly alternative to the NBA, but I don't know if this league is the answer.

  6. It's time for whites to start playing the race card, blacks are running unchecked on their race in this country and this builds nothing but black arrogance and their belief that there entitled to more and more preferential treatment because of the color of there skin, how many times has the police arrested and charged a black person with racism against whites when clearly it was a race issue but police say that race wasn't the issue when clearly it was, case in point, the attacks on the buses of the New York transit system, two cases that I know of where a white women was beaten by blacks because she was white and another incident with two white males that where beaten and racial slurs where uttered while they where being beaten, did you see al sharpton or jesse jackson go to New York and protest the rasism that blacks where doing, no, why didn't they you may ask, because the people who where getting beaten where white, in summary they don't care as long as it's not blacks that are receiving the racism.

  7. While I have no doubt the level of play would be well below that of the NBA and probably that of most colleges, I'm not certain the league should be disallowed...I mean, they allowed the WNBA and that was pathetic. The outcry is nothing more than reverse discrimination. I wouldn't watch the games but I certainly believe they should be played as long as the league owners put up the money.

  8. "There likely is demand for a family-friendly alternative to the NBA,"

    There isn't one for the NFL. I'd never take a kid to an NFL football game.