Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boy Maddow and Tingly Matthews React to Brown Victory. Criticize Republicans While Failing to Once Mention the Culture of Corruption by the Democrats

Listen to these two sore LOSERS babble on about how bad the Republicans are and how they can't believe that Scott Brown defeated Marth Coakley. These two liberals just don't get it! They are so far out of touch with the American people, it's frightening...

Notice in this video that Racheal 'Boy' Maddow and Chris 'Tingly' Matthews did NOT once mention the most corrupt politicians in American; all democrats. Not once did you hear the names, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Rangel, Murtha, Durbin, Obama, Frank, Dodd, Waters or the many others who have contributed to bankrupting America and ruining the democratic party.

Rachael Maddow with her gay 'snarcasm' tried to make excuses for hours after the election was called and Scott Brown was declared the winner. Chris Matthews almost peed in his depends and together, these two showed the most pathetic and biased commentary which is why MSNBC's ratings are in the toilet. Maddow even brought up Sarah Palin as if she had anything to do with the race! She posted a facebook message congratulating Brown; big deal!

At this very hour, Maddow is making excuses that Coakly didn't win because she was a woman. That's what her useless degree in philosophy must of lead her to believe. She is so pathetic and desperate when it comes to answers on why Brown won and her girl Coakley didn't. Maddow is not smart enough to figure out that people are tired and fed up with corrupt liberal elitist democrats ruining this country.

Maddow might also be off the air soon. With more credible cable news shows like Beck, Hannity, Baier and O'Reilly averaging 3 million users, Maddow is averaging a dismal 900,000 and Chris Matthews in December had an all time embarrassing low of 88,000! Pets doing tricks on YouTube get more viewers than Chris Matthews...

More video to come on Maddow...and Matthews.


  1. Unbelievable these two morons...they are never going to get over the "blame GWB" mentality...

  2. Calif., small business wants cheap lab. creats sanc. cities, unsupervised poverty leads to out of control crime, leads to largest prison system in world, leads to out of control taxes, (nearly always hidden from clear view)state money woes, dems say more taxes is the way out.. Hummm, the dems are the ones that hold 100% of the responsibility for all the problems,, only way out,,, get rid of the democrats..


  3. MSNBC is the most pathetic excuse for a news show on Cable. They harp and hollar about Fox all the time, but they wish they had half the ratings Fox has. How these numbskulls have a show is beyond me. I could do a better and more informative and more balanced show from my Garage. They really need to wake up and realize that most of the country are conservative in their views of government and stop assuming their all effeminant, tree hugging spend it if you got it and even if you dont liberals.

  4. chris mathews wets himself again

  5. Wow... I have never seen such a collection of utterly ignorant, white-trash, morons, commenting in one place! Obviously, the 'No Child Left Behind' program failed all of you - both figuratively and literally. Each and every one of you are an embarrassment to America and to yourselves. You personify the worst aspect of America's weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and as a U.S. military soldier (fighting for you, and your freedom of speech) I will state that your stupidity and self-defeating bigotry pose the biggest threat to our Nation's solidarity - a breakdown of which could destroy us all. Each adolescent posting punctuates the desperate need for educational reform, if for no other reason than our national security.

  6. KR- I highly doubt you are in the military and if you are, you're an idiot anyway. I served 20 years in the USMC fighting for just about as much as you claim to be from Panama, Kuwait, Desert Shield, Storm, Iraq ...Let me explain something to you..because I believe you are a typical liberal poser having to act like you are in the military to justify your bitch-ass comments.

    First, as a BLACK LIBERTARIAN-CONSERVATIVE, yes, there is such thing....there's no 'bogotry on this comments section of this site. This site is great and one of the few that tells it like it really is. I can tell you are really really white..and suffer from some sort of WGS- white guilt syndrome. Save it, I don't need it from you. I do well without some cracker liberal holding my hand and I am much smarter than you.

    We are against SCHIP and No Child Left behind. You can't expect any party to get it all 100% right, or 100% in agreement with just your views.

    Also, the democrats have no room to talk. They don't do anything right. Not even one thing...They destroy everything they touch and are as corruot as shit.

    No child behind failed? Not totally..but look at how the democrats and teachers unions are in bed with eachother. Look att he sick indoctrination. Look at Obama's Arie Duncans and safe school czar Jennings. You agree with that shit? If so, I know you must be some 'don't ask don't tell' pony boy typing papers at a Naval base somewhere. One of the 'few' and exused'...

    I would say that you have not accomplished nothing compared to me. Your comment was idiotic at best. I challenge you to a debate about anything and I will easily destroy you.

    Bigotry? A typicalm liberal word thrown around when you are wrong and disagree. How did you get so dumb?

  7. 0311USMC,

    May as well save your breath and sanity when trying to point out the stupidity of morons like KR. KR is probably the type of person that thinks BHO/Lucifer is going to save them and pay all their bills.

  8. I love all the accusations of elitism and ridicule of higher education that I see on this site. When did it become a character flaw to be educated? I would hope that those entrusted with the care of our nation be intellectually a few steps above the uneducated mass majority, providing they're still in touch with their electorate.

    I would also hope that those who would claim to speak critically and intelligently about politics and government in a public forum would have the forethought to use spell-check and learn proper grammar. It's best to avoid silly and embarrassing grammatical mistakes like discounting your own power-statement with a double-negative.

    But that's just the opinion of one white-guilt-afflicted elitist intellectual heterosexual single career woman in her thirties.

    Really want something to get upset about? I was schooled in New England and have lived in New Orleans for the last 10 years. (Don't worry- FEMA didn't give me any handouts for Hurricane Katrina even though I lost everything. I took out an SBA Disaster loan that I'm still dutifully repaying like a good citizen.)
    Flame away!

  9. Actually..that is not true MISS Anonymous. Who needs spellcheck when leaving comments, it's not like we are writing a paper or article. Get a life. Do you text properly too?? lol...weirdo libbs.

    As for 'higher' education, that's what you call it. I call it 'out of touch' idiocy. MOST, not all, but MOST people from UC Berkeley, Princeyon, Harvard and especially Columbia are IDIOTS..

    Anyone can focus on comprehending ONE subject and repeating it. It doesn't mean they're right or smart. Most are clueless to 90% of the outside world.

    We don't need another Moron like Bush Or Obama with their Ivy League degrees, we need a REAL PERSON who can relate with MOST of the country they represnt. It has been already proven that these academia retards are radical, out of touch, and have no common sense.

    You see the results of a President right now with Occidental, Univ. of Chicago, Columbia and Harvard. A combination of dumb, real dumb, stupid and radical all mixed into one.

    And it sure is showing!