Saturday, January 9, 2010

Corrupt 'Bribe Taking' Democrat Ben Nelson: Obama Made a 'Mistake' by Tackling Health Care Reform Last Year

Sen. Ben Nelson, the Nebraska Democrat who played a pivotal role in helping the Senate pass its version of health care reform right before Christmas, said this week that the Obama administration should have delayed taking up the issue to spend more time tackling economic problems.

"I think it was a mistake to take health care on as opposed to continuing to spend the time on the economy," Nelson told the Fremont Tribune.

"I would have preferred not to be dealing with health care in the midst of everything else, and I think working on the economy would have been a wiser move," he told the newspaper.

Ever since Nelson provided Democrats with the crucial 60th vote to advance the Senate bill toward passage last month, he has been trying to explain his actions to his constituents -- a move that underscores the challenge Nelson faces in maintaining public support in a conservative state.

The deal Nelson cut with Senate Democratic leaders to gain his critical vote would exempt Nebraska from having to pay for the coverage of new enrollees into its Medicaid program and leave the tab with the federal government -- a move expected to cost Uncle Sam $100 million over the next 10 years.

Several attorneys general are threatening to challenge the constitutionality of that provision that they say benefits Nebraska at the expense of other states.

Meanwhile the president and congressional Democrats are conducting the final negotiations behind closed doors. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that lawmakers are "very close" to resolving differences between the House and Senate health care bills and sending a final version to Obama. READ MORE...

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  1. The marxist redristribution of the wealth philosophy has never worked including during the New Deal. It was not the New Deal, but WW-11 that lifted the U.S. out of the depression.

    If Obama does not get true economic reformers onto his economic team soon, the country may be doomed---sadly---he won't, and even more sadly, this economic collapse is his true goal.

    We need an administration that is aware and cares that we are in a period of depression economics, where the prescriptions of the Ben Bernankes, Tim Geithners, and Larry Summers need to be replaced with economists who understand the true gravity of the situation that is punishing the free markets and the American people with it. They can start by wiping out the deficits, cutting taxes and creating jobs.

    America cannot work if Americans are not working.

    The rich pay the highest taxes throughout the history of our country---and it is never enough for you lefty swines---even if the rich paid 100-per-cent of the taxes, it still would not be enough----progressives are outraged that the rich and the middle class have more money then the poor---progressive scum demand that no one should have more then the average, only then will they be happy---diversity demands that there be on difference in their sick idealogy.

    The best prescription for what ails this country is the total elimination right down to the root , once and for all, ALL the progressive extraneous matter of impurities, the dross, the pond scum liberals that share the same Earth oxygen as we do----and the sooner the better.