Wednesday, January 27, 2010


What in the world is this disgraceful Speaker of the House doing? Well, she's doing it again. She looks like she's trying to dodge something....

CON ARTIST 101- Oh God where do you start? Is it Nancy Pelosi, the mentally retarded Speaker of the House and most despised political figure in America standing up and clapping every 5 seconds, or is it Obama's compulsive lies flying out of his grill every time it's opened about the great sucess of his failed Presidencey. Maybe it's the elites wearing suits in the audience who stand up and applaud with Pelosi knowing Obama's a lying sack of shit and a con artist.

Obama State of the union - Lies and Lies and Lies

Obama has some nerve. Does he think the american people are idiots, ok they are some idiots out there.

Lets do some fact checking here.

1) Banks caused the economic crisis. FALSE!!! The congress a few years ago passed a mortgage reform bill that forced banks to loan money to people even if they did not qualify. Yes I said forced. The banks were required to provide these loans or face prosecution. Now when a whole bunch of of idiots buy into a mortgage that they can only afford for a few years and then give it up for foreclosure, the banks lose money.

Most of these mortgages were insured by the "EVIL" AIG. AIG had to pay out money to the banks to cover these failed mortgages, except that AIG invested money into real estate too, so when it all started to collapse they lost on both ends. Then they went bankrupt, leaving a ton of private mortgage insurance claims unpaid. Which meant the banks took the hit.

Currently there are no PMI programs available so to get a mortgage you need at least 20% down, and in some areas 40% down payments are required or even higher. New mortgage rules went into effect, thanks to the government, that make it even harder to get a mortgage now. In fact about 50% of the mortgage brokers lost their license on Jan 1, 2010 because they could no longer qualify to be mortgage brokers. So forget the home buyers credit, it is irrelevant because this government has made it impossible to get a loan. Add to that new rules for appraisers that almost guarantee that any property will appraise for less than it did even 3 months ago, and you have the recipe for a housing disaster. The worst is yet to come.

Did I mention George W. Bush at all in there???? He did sign the bill into law that required the banks to make these bad loans but he would have been "stopping progress" if he hadn't. Damned if you do damned if you don't. He has some share of the blame to, he was a weak leader. When Obama lays it all at Bush's feet or the banks feet he is ignoring his own involvement and lying to people.

2) Republicans prevented Health Care reform from passing. FALSE!!!! Democrats had a supermajority in both houses of congress and still could not get a healthcare reform bill passed.

3) Government needs to be Open. True I agree. However, Obama has done little to open it. In fact the health care bill is so long and complicated that nobody really understands it. Further Obama and the democrats wanted to pass it before the public was allowed to read it. What are they hiding? They negotiated behind closed doors. They chastised anyone who opposed them and called them radical extremists and even racists. Is this how an open and free society debates public policy??? At least noone has been put in prison for opposing the views of King Obama, yet.

4) Obama is ending the Iraq war. FALSE. Bush had set up the conditions for withdrawal long before Obama was elected. Obama, if anything, has extended our stay there. During the campaign he promised to withdraw within the first 100 days. One year later he is calling for complete withdrawal by the end of his term.

5) Millions will lose health insurance. Hopefully this is False. Most Americans have employer provided insurance. If they lose their job they lose the insurance provided by that employer or have to pay outrageous cobra costs. If Obama keeps screwing with the economy and the banks, millions more may lose their jobs so this could be a self fulfilling prophecy. I hope not.

6) He will go through the budget line by line. Maybe. But in the end I bet he will select lines based on political expediency and not base it on what is right for the country. In the end it is congress's authority to appropriate money. The Line item veto has not been challenged in the supreme court yet because it has not been used. If challenged I suspect that the court will decide it is unconstitutional.

7) The bipartisan fiscal commission. LIES. The president does not have the constitutional authority to force congress to create the commission. Even if he could set it up how would the deadline be enforced? What would happen if the commission failed to recommend a course of action? Would Obama declare that congress is no longer effective and dismiss them as happens in other countries? Would King Obama and his Czars then be free to rule this country without any checks or balances?

8) Overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming. The evidence was tampered with and evidence that did not support global warming was destroyed. Another study showed that some glacier ( name escapes me now) would be melted by 2037 . It was a typo it should have said 2370. OOPS. I am all for find ways to reduce the consumption of our natural resources but lets not panic. We as a planet need to find new energy sources or make current clean energy cost effective. When we rush into a decision we often make the wrong decision. So lets all take a deep breath and relax. It is OK, there is still oxygen in the air despite what the scientific evidence says....READ MORE...

What did Harvard teach Obama about constitutional law? NOTHING...See Video Below

Judge Napolitano's conversation with Gerald Celente on the Fraud and Unconstitional moves undertaken by the Obama Administration, and how they will bring about The Great Depression of 2010


  1. great post. Caliente and Schiff are the ONLY guys I listen to when it comes to the economy. they are NEVER wrong!!!

    Obama's a fraud. A liar. A scumbaggggg!!!

    Impeach Obama!

    Hang pelosi

    Jail Reid!