Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tense Interview: McCain on claims of campaign's lax vetting of Palin: 'I wouldn't know.' This is an example of how McCain lost the election...

'Proud, proud, real proud' we get it already John McCain! Forget for a moment that Matt Lauer is another 'sissy white liberal' punk who would never question the incompetent President Obama or the racist Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. Matt doesn't have the testicle fortitude and besides having some attraction to Obama, he might be afraid of being labeled a racist if he questions Obama's 100 lies and broken campaign promises and radical appointees.

Have some balls Johnny! McCain should of said this about Palin and his handlers...

"Yes Matt, like every campaign, there was some bickering and disagreements and we SHOULD have just let Sarah be Sarah. It was really hard though because all of you liberal white scumbags were personally attacking her so viciously, we hesitated letting her go out and defend herself, which we now realize was a big mistake." (Which is what she's doing now, 'going rogue.')

"Matt, maybe your next question SHOULD be, 'if people knew THEN, what we know NOW about Obama and his cronies, lies, Chicago style politics and incompetence, would they have voted for Obama?' I believe the answer is no. Elections have consequences Matt, and because people like you, Katie, Diane, NBC, your network, The New York Times and other phonies in the media were NOT doing their job, Americans are going to have a hell of a lot to pay for."

"Now Matt, would you like to know what I think about Obama's unknown illegal campaign donations? You know, the ones that you and the sissy media were afraid to question? How about the fact that we elected a President who sealed all of his records and who thinks we have 57 states in the USA? How about Pelosi's lies on an 'ethical' congress, or why Charlie Rangel is still a congressman and what about Harry Reid's bribery practices and racist statements towards our Marxist President? I can even answer you in 'negro dialect,' if you would like me to Matt, you know what I'm saying bro?"

IF McCain had done that, he might be one step closer to getting off the RINO list..

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